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  War Upon the Waves
Posted by: Parthenopias - 02-25-2019, 10:48 AM - Replies (2)

Sea of Baal
Flagship Aegion

Commodore Artos was a man of few words. His stoic expression and dedication to the nation and his men was legendary among the fleets. He had passed up promotion twice much to the ire of the politicians in Troea. He preferred the position he had. The life on the seas was what called him to the navy many years prior and one that he didn't want to lose by becoming one of the bureaucratic admirals. Besides the Aegion was his ship and one he was not willing to just give up any time soon.

After putting on his uniform and heading to the mess for a cup of coffee he headed to the bridge. CIC would be second on his list to get some operational intelligence but the bridge would be first because he wanted to see the ocean for himself. Nothing reassured him like the ocean did, well that is other than his wife Leya. The woman wanted him to take the promotion so he could be back home with her and see their children more often. He would have if it was fifteen years prior when they were still actually adolescents and not the grown adults they were now. Regardless he sympathized with her wish to see one another more. That would in fact be the only thing Artos missed while away.

The Group was made up of three task forces with the flagship Aegion and her escorts forming the core. In all there were twenty five ships including five non-combat vessels to support the group’s supply needs along with one medical ship. A storm had caused a couple destroyers to be forced out and away from the formation. As of his quick briefing in the mess he had been informed they would rejoin the formation within a couple hours. One had minor issues with their engine they needed to fix which had delayed their rejoining. The second ship had rendered that one assistance.

“Officer on deck,” The room stood to attention till he waved his hand. Artos really didn’t like that overall believing it to be somewhat archaic.

“Status of the destroyers?” the question was directed at his second in command, Commander Litos murmured to a junior officer next to her before answering the Commodore’s question.

“Captain Verros of the Pelas reported in a half hour ago that they were on schedule to rejoin the fleet by this afternoon. He has noted that the communication system on the Dorion is down and will need to be repaired by our fleet tender once they rejoin the rest of us.” Artos scowled a bit as he did rather despise the situation but was glad that the Captain of the Pelas had rendered assistance to the Dorion.

“Any issues with IA vessels? We should be entering their nominal controlled area within a few hours I imagine.” Artos stated. The truth to the matter was that Parthenopian naval ships weren't exactly the most welcome in the Sea of Baal. The Cold War had been raging for decades and tensions were high due to several recent issues, not least the issues between Ara’den and Parthenopias.

“No sir,” the response was quick and orderly. Then came the muffled din of a distant explosion. At first Artos thought it was something else, then the room jumped to life as a distress signal was received from the Pelas.

“Under attack… unknown vessel… significant damage… Dorion lost… Ne-” the signal cut out followed by what sounded like another explosion.

“General quarters! Status report on the other ships? Get a rescue flight in the air now!” Artos barked. Crew scrambled about doing their jobs. The situation was tense. Two destroyers in unknown condition, the integrity of the fleet could be compromised and whether or not there were survivors was also in question. “Bring the fleet about and head to the last known coordinates of the two destroyers. Also send a communication to Fleet Command and let them know the situation.”

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  Tyche IV
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 01-23-2019, 08:46 AM - Replies (2)

23 January 2019
Department of Media Relations

USA Confirms Ideal Conditions for Tyche IV Launch

[Image: T1lBPhf.png]

Artistic rendering of the AUSS Periphas in Lunar Orbit.

USA has confirmed that the latest weather reports are ideal for the launch of Tyche IV, the Artemian Union’s manned lunar mission. A recent report from the Department of Artemian Science expects clear skies and favourable weather for the morning of January 25.

In today’s media update, Spokesman Giovanni Gentiloni said that USA has been keeping in close touch with the Parthenopian Space Agency and the Artemian Aerospace Administration, and that all three agencies believe that the moment is right to proceed with Tyche IV, despite earlier rumours that the mission could be delayed, either due to weather conditions or the need for further training and preparations.

Francesco Benedetto, Mission Commander and Commodore in the Aerospace Service, also delivered a brief statement at the end of the update, saying that his crew was in “good spirits and ready to help restore humanity’s place in the great cosmos”. Commodore Benedetto also thanked all those who had helped with the Tyche Project, including the building of Home Station One and the Periphas, which he lauded as “marvels of space architecture”.

Tyche IV is expected to launch from Launch Complex A, at the Parthenopian Space Centre, on January 25 at 09:55 SST.

[OOC] USA is the Sartorian Office for Aerospatial Development. Its name in Sartorian is Ufficio per lo Sviluppo Aerospaziale, hence USA.

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Smile News of the Elecetion in the NCAF for the new Caliph
Posted by: New Caliphate of Auri Flammae - 01-14-2019, 09:45 AM - Replies (3)

I Kfar State
Lūt el-Mansouri
The Candidate from the Kfar State, he advocates for less restrictions on tobacco and alcohol. Popular in the Kfar State, he will have a strong lead in the north,  but little too none in the south. 

Rafeeq el-Omer al Rūm
The historic Rūm family, enemy to the current family that the past Caliph was in, is running for the seat of Caliph. Rafeeq is a conservative Tawhidist, the most popular political ideology in the NCAF. He promises to improve the industrial strength of the NCAF and make it more competitive with surrounding nations. 

Muslim al-Khalaf
Muslim is a Conservitive Tawhidist. A strong believer in isolationism, Muslim also believes in the revitalization of  a stronger Madinat Alshams hold on the nations power. 

Taalib al-Hariri
Taalib al Hariri is a  Conservative Tawhidist. He believes in internationalism and stronger states, without the current Majlis Al Shura. 

Western Qurashī 
Fawz al-Morad
Fawz is a Traditional Tawhidist. Traditional Tawhidists believe in the traditional way of ruling the Caliphate (i.e the first few caliphs in the old CAF) these four states usually are most popular in the last legs of the election. The following runners will have the same ideals for the state. Such as semi isolationism, semi internationalism, and imperialism. 

Central Qurashī
Musheer el-Ibrahim

Eastern Qurashī
Hātim al-Khalili

State of Alshams
Āqil el-Attar ibn Al Khalifa

Son of the Caliph. 

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  XXVII International Unity Expedition
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 12-14-2018, 09:26 AM - No Replies

13 June 2018

Vincenzo Caravoglia was excited. In truth, the whole experience had been extremely rewarding -seeing all the pieces fall into place, knowing that he was playing a key role in making the event work-, but now he really was excited, and it showed. He had long been a prominent figure within the International Mountaineering Association, and so, when Sartoria was selected to host the twenty-seventh edition of the Unity Expedition, he was the first choice to lead the organising committee. To his view, no task could be more daunting, and no honour could be greater. Within the mountaineering community, the Unity Expedition was a particularly enticing prize, one reserved for the most distinguished and skilled climbers. To not only join it, but to lead its organisation...that was the pinnacle of his career.

"We have all approved it, Vincenzo. We just need your nod to send out the invitations."

"I take it that the list remains the same as before? Or have there been any changes?"

The other person brought up a file on their tablet, running through names on a list. "It's the same list that you saw. I'd say we should be good to go. Most details have been ironed out already; we just need to send the invitations and do all the advertising; then we'll have a better idea of the logistics involved.

Vincenzo nodded in agreement. Of course they already had an idea of how many people would participate, and what kind of logistics would be needed, but since Sartoria was such a large country, there was a chance that a more extensive operation would be required. It was true: once they started taking registrations, they would know.

"Yeah, that's fair enough. Alright then, let's send these invitations, and begin with the advertising. By the end of August we'll have a good idea of what we need to adjust in terms of logistics."

[Image: MiwQ7j7.png]

What is the International Unity Expedition?
First held in the aftermath of the 1992 Avalanches in Setsushima, the Expedition is an international charity event jointly organised by the World Society and the International Mountaineering Association, in which trekkers and climbers come together to explore a particular mountain region and raise both awareness and funds for charitable causes.

What does the Expedition involve?
Initially the Expedition only involved a single mountain climb. Since the 2004 Expedition in Parthenopias, the event has expanded to include several subsidiary climbs and a trek that is open to the general public. This allows for non-professional climbers and the public to participate in the Expedition and contribute to its causes.
These days, the main events of the Expedition are the professional climb, which traditionally is set at the host region's highest mountain, and the public trek, which attracts thousands of participants.

Where and when will the Expedition take place?
In 2019, the International Unity Expedition will take place in Alpanio Natural Park, deep within the Eastern Realms of Sartoria. The Park is home to many world-renowned sites and trekking routes, and features Alpanio, which at 8,739m is the world's highest mountain.
While the dates for the Expedition may always change, due to weather conditions, the following are the projected dates for the Expedition:
  • Alpanio Base Camp Trek: 13 March - 19 April 2019 (multiple treks will be held within these dates)
  • Alpanio Unity Climb: 10 May 2019
  • Subsidiary Unity Climbs: 1-31 May 2019
How does the Expedition contribute to charitable causes?
In addition to encouraging donations by participants and the general public to various charities, the World Society and the International Mountaineering Association have agreements with several companies and institutions, where certain amounts of money are donated to a selection of charities per kilometre trekker or climbed per each participant. A list of those charities, as well as information on how to donate and volunteer for them, can be found in the Expedition's website.

How does the Expedition preserve the environment?
The Expedition can have a serious effect on the environment, particularly due to the amount of litter that can be generated during the trek and climbs. To address this, participants are encouraged to do their part to keep the region clean, and both organising institutions have developed partnerships with local institutions to leave regions as pristine as they were before the Expedition took place.

Who can participate in the climbs?
In accordance with tradition, the main climb is limited to one climber per country. Participants will be professional climbers, selected by their national mountaineering associations. The deadline for national associations to select their participating climbers is August 31.
There will be a number of subsidiary climbs that will be open to professional and qualified climbers. Limits on the number of participants to be allowed will vary per each mountain, and can be found in the Expedition's website.

Who can participate in the Alpanio Base Camp Trek?
Registration for the Alpanio Base Camp Trek is open to the general public. Limits on the number of participants can be found in the Expedition's website, and are jointly agreed upon by the International Mountaineering Association and local authorities. The trek itself lasts for 15 days, and includes the journey from Ponticello to Alpanio Base Camp Trek, and back.
There is a registration fee of S/ 2,000, and it includes accommodation, meals and permits. It does not include transportation to and from the Eastern Realms, visas and other costs not directly related to the trek.

OOC Information:
You are allowed to have one climber accept the invitation to the Alpanio Unity Climb. You can have other climbers and trekkers participate in the subsidiary climbs and the Alpanio Base Camp Trek. Keep in mind that this thread is for accepting invitations for the Alpanio Unity Climb, and for characters to react to the announcement that the Expedition is open for registrations.
The idea for the Expedition is that it would be an apolitical charity event, so participants do not represent their governments or its policies. It is alright to roleplay tensions between climbers because of their governments, but the event itself is not political, nor it is officially endorsed by the Sartorian Government.

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  The Heiress
Posted by: Fornoire - 11-12-2018, 08:42 PM - No Replies

The Court had decided...

It was time to reveal the winner...

And who won?

"The Lords and Ladies of the Realm have chosen..."

Augustús was frustrated. Democracy would never come in this generation, perhaps never...will force make them change?

Loúis was nervous. Had his supporters switched allegiance to Luciánę, or was it all talk?

Luciánę, however, was calm. She had a small smile, knowing what would immediately transpire. But something troubled her. Was it all worth it? Would it all be worth it? Could it be worth it? Can she reform the state to make it her perfect paradise, or something similar? Her people educated, cultured, industrious, happy, free, secure, and healthy?

Most of all, how can she beat the inevitable coup d'etat from the conservatives?

All has to be determined in the future. But she said to herself that the present must be enjoyed. All can come later. This night was one of glory, after all...

Glory indeed...glory to Ardinat.

"Her Highness, the Princess Luciánę of Ardinat"

"She is to take the title of, By the Grace of God, Her Primal Highness, the Crown Princess Luciánę of Ardinat, Archmarchioness of Roitálę, Lady of the Ardinatan Waters, Princess of Tiguria, Princess of Vordeis, Lady of the Southern Realm, Silverine of the Realm, and Captain of the Royal Silver Regiment"

"The next in line for the throne shall be His Highness, the Prince Loúis. He is to take the title of, By the Grace of God, His Silverine Highness, the Pretender Prince Loúis of Ardinat, Lord of the Arvesta Estates, Bronzerine of the Realm, and Captain of the Royal Bronze Regiment"

Excellent. How absolutely charming.

It is now time to wear the crown of the heir.

As Luciánę felt the crown go over her head, she could feel the glory...

...She shall share it with all.

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  Accounts of Almusāfir(Enhannsh: Almusafre) [800ad]
Posted by: Aldenfojur - 11-11-2018, 12:33 AM - Replies (13)

The following is the account of a Tawhidist Explorer's stay in the Princedom of Viemais.

Near the southeastern gate of Viemais, Eméron stood waiting. His job, as said by the Prince, was to meet up with an schalor from the Far East. According to accounts from a town down south, he was due to arrive sometime before noon. As Eméron looked up at the sun to check the sun, one of the guards accompanying him tapped his shoulder and pointed down the road. He quickly lowered his gaze in the mentioned direction and surveyed what  seemed to be a group of people moving up the road.

"Ah, that should be them," he said after studying the group.

Mounting his horse, he motioned for the two accompanying guards to follow him and sent his horse into a trot.

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  [IC] Live Coverage from Roitálę, Ardinat (November 9 Coup Attempt)
Posted by: Fornoire - 11-09-2018, 02:21 PM - Replies (5)

GREYTEXGREYTEX Meridian Embassy in Ardinat

Gunfire has been heard in our district. All Meridian citizens are advised to step away from any districts containing governmental institutions.

#MeridianEmbassyInArdinat #Ardinat #Roitale #Coup?

40,933[Image: TXRmK69.png]|Comment

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  Books of Order, The Flammaen Orders
Posted by: New Caliphate of Auri Flammae - 11-04-2018, 04:11 PM - No Replies

Books of Order, The Flammaen Orders
Book One, Book of Humanities

Under the ever watchful God, He has set unto man protections here they shall be written on paper. So that no man or woman shall be removed such rights that have been sent down upon us.

The Right to life 
The Right to life shall not be crossed, all of humanity shall be respected and dealt with only the up most respect. If an Offspring of Adam takes the life of another in murder, and not in self defense, shall be put into a proper and competent court which will be able to decide whether or not an individual has forfeited his right to life by disregarding the right to life and peace of other human beings.

 The Right of Safty of Life
The Right of safety of life is to be given to all of humanity. To those in other nations and to those in the Caliphate. Should a human come into the nation calling for sanctuary shall be let in, however if they have fled a nation to run from punishment of the murder of a human, treason, corruption, crimes of economic nature, political scandals, or other evils, let them know they have not a place in the Nation.

Onto all there is the duty of saving the life of humans, there are several forms of saving the human from death. A human may be ill or wounded, irrespective of his nationality, race or colour. If the witness knows that the human is in need of help, then it is your duty that you should arrange for it’s treatment for disease or wound. If it is dying of starvation, then it is your duty to feed him so that it can ward off death. If the human is drowning or his life is at stake, then it is your duty to save the human.

The Right of Women
The Right of preserving respect for the chastity of Women
A woman's chastity shall be respected and protected under all circumstances, whether she belongs to our own nation or to the nation of an enemy, whether we find her in the wild forest or in a conquered city; whether she is our co-religionist or belongs to some other religion or has no religion at all. A citizen cannot outrage her under any circumstances. All promiscuous relationship has been forbidden to the males, irrespective of the status or position of the woman, whether the woman is a willing or an unwilling partner to the act.

The Right to a Basic Standard of Life
The Right to a Basic Standard of Life
And to all shall be guaranteed a basic living standard. Anyone who asks for help and anyone who is suffering from deprivation has a right in the property and wealth of the Tawhidists; irrespective of the fact whether they belong to this nation or to that nation, to this country or to that country, to this race or to that race. If you are in a position to help and a needy person asks you for help or if you come to know that they are in need, then it is your duty to help them. God has established His right over you, which you have to honour as a Tawhidists.

The Individual’s Right to Freedom
Tawhidism has clearly and categorically forbidden the primitive practice of capturing a free man, to make him a slave or to sell him into slavery. This has not been qualified or made applicable to a particular nation, race, country or followers of a particular religion.
All shall be protected under this law.

The Right to Justice 
This is a very important and valuable right which has been written here to be preserved

All of those in statuses of power, whether in the courts, in the houses of Government, in the libraries and in the schools, from every abode and from every farm and niche of the world, they shall to just not only with ordinary human beings but even with their enemies. In other words, the justice to which the New Caliphate of Auri Flammae invites these citizens is not limited only to the citizens of their own country, or the people of their own tribe, nation or race, or the Tawhidist community as a whole, but it is meant for all the human beings of the world.

All holdings of power shall have a permanent habit and character that should be such that no man should ever fear injustice at their hands, and they should treat every human being everywhere with justice and fairness.

The Equality of Human Beings
The state not only recognizes absolute equality between its subjects, irrespective of any distinction of colour, race or nationality, it it makes it an important and significant principle, a reality. All human beings are brothers and sisters to one another. They all are the descendants from one father and one mother.

This means that the division of human beings into nations, races, groups and tribes is for the sake of distinction, so that people of one race or tribe may meet and be acquainted with the people belonging to another race or tribe and cooperate with one another. This division of the human race is neither meant for one nation to take pride in its superiority over others nor is it meant for one nation to treat another with contempt or disgrace, or regard them as a mean and degraded race and usurp their rights.

The superiority of one man over another, in the eyes of God, is only on the basis of God-consciousness, purity of character and high morals, and not on the basis of colour, race, language or nationality, and even this superiority based on piety and pure conduct does not justify that such people should play lord or assume airs of superiority over other human beings.

Assuming airs of superiority is in itself a reprehensible vice which no God-fearing and pious man can ever dream of perpetrating. Nor does the righteous have more privileged rights over others, because this runs counter to human equality, which has been laid down in the beginning of this verse as a general principle. From the moral point of view, goodness and virtue is in all cases better than vice and evil.

None shall be rejected a job, economic affair, political affair, or the rights listed herein by this Book.

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  Cliques of the Kingdom of Ardinat
Posted by: Fornoire - 10-28-2018, 08:36 PM - Replies (1)

NameAvengnon Clique
Clique di Avengnon (Ardinatan)
Areas of Influence
Map of Holdings
Intelligence Services, Police, Interior
[Image: b8FHGQa.png]
Seat of Power
County of Avengnon
Jean-Michel, Count of Avengnon
64 counties, ~20.3% of the vote in the Council of the Realm
Dynastical ResidenceArgént Palace
Divine Right to Rule
Status Quo
Ardinatan Nationalism
Nobles' Rights
Uniformity in Thought
State Capitalism
Political PositionRight-Wing

The Avengnon Clique (Ardinatan: Clíque di Avengnon) is a major faction in Ardinatan nobility politics. It is headed by the House of Avengnon.

The Avengnon Clique favours the status quo, as well as more state control of the economy. It refuses any pretenses of reform. It is notorious for controlling the nation's intelligence services, police and the Ministry of the Interior, and its voting bloc is the largest of any clique.

Its main rival is the Krisiano Clique, who favours neoliberal, free capitalist policies, and who control Ardinat's economic ministries. Along with the House of Krisiano, the House of Avengnon is one of the two principal cliques in Ardinatan noble politics. The two constantly battle for power, and for the position of Chancellor.

The allies of the Avengnons include the Liustínę Clique, along with a few minor independent noble houses. They are generally neutral towards the Liuponts and the Arceús, but they are known to find themselves in conflict sometimes for power and influence.

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  Canarto Religion Founder's Ruling Request
Posted by: Parthenopias - 10-23-2018, 02:47 PM - Replies (1)

I hereby request a founder's ruling on Meridia's Canarto region religion and how he insists that all 6 million people there would believe in the faith to the point of fanaticism. I'll submit my argument against the matter if the request is accepted.

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