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  Merovienne Official Visit to Sartoria
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 08-07-2020, 06:11 PM - Replies (4)


Mario Candiotti briefly checked the time on the table before continuing to read the report. He was sitting comfortably in one of the executive lounges in Gaudiano Air Force Base, reading a classified report on offworld developments. It was rather dull, but it had to be read and he had little else to do at the moment, waiting as he was for the Merovienne Chancellor's flight to land. He sighed, closed the report for a minute and walked towards the food station, considering whether to grab a sandwich or a pastry. He wasn't one to eat too much, but he always enjoyed the food at Gaudiano.

Named after Silvana Gaudiano, a hero of the Fourth Sacuri War, Gaudiano Air Force Base was a large military installation near Messelia and the primary gateway for the arrival and departure of federal and foreign senior government officials. It was located right next to Gaudiano Space Force Base, a similar installation used for military space operations. Together they formed one of the largest and most important aerospace installations in Sartoria. Of course, Gaudiano was also known by senior officials for the excellent food that it provided in its executive lounges, which led officials to constantly come up with reasons to visit the base or, as was the case today, be assigned to greet foreign officials.

"Councillor, we are ready for the Chancellor's arrival."

Mario nodded and put quickly chose a pastry, deciding to indulge himself this one time before following the sergeant towards the runway, there the reception party was already set up. There he waited, conversing with the Merovienne Ambassador, as he heard the familiar sound of an aircraft approaching and soon enough he saw the distinctive blue underside and gold stripe, the traditional colours of Merovia. Once the aircraft land and had approached, Mario saw as the door opened and the visitors walked down the stairs and onto the carpet. He allowed himself to smile and bowed at the Chancellor, the traditional greeting of Sartoria.

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  [National Spotlight #1] Executive Branches
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 08-04-2020, 05:43 PM - Replies (3)

National Spotlight #1
Executive Branches
How is the executive branch of your nation structured? What executive agencies does your nation have? Who are its top officials? How are those officials elected or appointed? How did the executive branch attain its current structure?

ShowThread Rules
  • Posts must answer the questions in the light purple row.
  • Posts must not be shorter than a paragraph, nor may the paragraph be excessively short in an attempt to skirt this rule.
  • Posts may not be used as interactive roleplay. If your post leads to a back and forth with other players, start a thread on it.
  • Posts must abide by Corpus Juris and all other subsidiary rules.

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  Voice of the Lyseans
Posted by: Tek - 07-12-2020, 10:16 PM - No Replies

Reactionary Conspiracy Leaders Executed

Four Sovereigns were executed in Tacaris today for conspiracy against the Revolution. The Sovereigns were found guilty on multiple charges by the Justiciars following their arrest last month. Those executed were the leaders of an attempted reactionary conspiracy. Others continue to be arrested in connection to this conspiracy, and are awaiting justice from the Justiciars for their crimes against the people. Multiple conspirators were found to have been operating under false identities, including a Sovereign who was already wanted for previous crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. Some of those arrested are also believed to have connections to foreign states.

The conspiracy included a series of planned attacks against the Commonwealth and its people. The plots included a planned assassination of several Arbiters. Most shockingly was a planned attempt to assassinate Arbiter Bektamun-Miane, which was intended to take place late last month.

The conspiracy was exposed by Tebu-Mesi, a Degg who has been illegally held in servitude by those executed since the Revolution. Tebu turned in his former enslavers for their conspiracy after escaping captivity. He was congratulated by Arbiter Bektamun-Miane earlier this month for his service to the Revolution.

Following the executions, Arbiter Tasukhen Shai-Halima issued a stern warning in a public statement today, warning of the imminent threat posed by reactionary traitors and their foreign collaborators.

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  Flash News
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 07-12-2020, 07:43 PM - Replies (17)

Flash News
short news from around the planetary system
Nations from all around the planetary system use this platform to share short news about their happenings, to be distributed to all subscribers. This platform is part of the Unity Project.

ShowThread Rules
  • Posts must be news or recent happenings in your nation worthy of distribution throughout the planetary system.
  • Posts may not be longer than a paragraph, nor may the paragraph be excessively long in an attempt to skirt this rule.
  • Posts may not be used as flash roleplay. If your post leads to a continued back and forth with other players, start a thread on it.
  • Posts must abide by Corpus Juris and all other subsidiary rules.

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  Life in the Fornirian Empire
Posted by: Fornoire - 07-02-2020, 09:22 AM - No Replies

Catherine, Empire of Fornoire

It was time for the parade. The April 18th Victory Day parade commemorated the foundation of the Azurian Union after a brutal war which the integrationists won. When the Fornirian Empire succeeded the Union, it was decided that these parades would still continue, albeit it was now the Emperor who addressed the audience.

Thousands of soldiers of all nationalities were due to march onward. Flag poles displayed colossal flags of the various countries and ethnicities of the Empire. The military high command saluted from a balcony high up in the Imperial Palace along with the Emperor, his family, senior members of the Cabinet, First Ministers from the constituent nations and the leaders of all major parties. The Empire had to be united in remembering the fallen. Unitarians and federalists, rightists and leftists from all over the Empire, all standing in solidarity and brotherhood.

"Imperial citizens, proud subjects of the Empire, today we honour the fallen from that devastating conflict that tore brothers, families, communities and countries apart. It is the duty of the Imperial state that this does not occur ever again, for so much blood shed is a travesty for all humanity. We must be aware that the differences engendered over these past few millenia have never truly broken our common identity as one union of brotherly solidarity. The glorious sacrifice of so many to forge the state we reside in today must never be held in vain. The tragedy of our recent history must never repeat itself. It is up to us all to see this national priority to its ultimate and conclusive fruitition. May the Empire and its people last forevermore! Ura!"

[Image: buckingham-palace-royal-balcony.jpg]

The soldiers presented cheered, as was custom. The Imperial anthem was played, and the artillery began to fire. The military officials of the parade saluted, as did everyone in the Imperial balcony. The crowd, composed of the lawmakers of the Empire, their guests and those who bought a ticket, stood up for the anthem. The only legislators who were not there were those from the nationalist parties, who wished independence for their respective countries and so refused to attend in protest. They were few in number today, and thus their absence was not noteworthy.

Soldiers marched, tanks rolled in, artillery moved forward, rocket platforms drove by. The Fornirian air and space forces roared from the skies, providing colourful entertainment or displays of force.

There was something special about this parade. For the first time in history, a non-human was amongst the troop. A Caedri marched with the regular infantry, and when the Fornirian media noticed this, their cameras turned to this specimen in curiosity. The crowd was also amazed, as were some in the Imperial balcony.

Out of the 910,000 Caedri residing in the Empire (many of which are merely immigrants and not Fornirian-born), only 100 joined the Imperial military. Most of these recruits were debt-ridden and wished to find an escape from prosecution by the authorities. Service in the military shielded them from facing charges, but most of their pay went to paying these debts as a result. The Caedri marching was one of these cases, but no one knew. Many Fornirians were already assuming that this was some "patriotic individual" that had joined the army out of national pride. They were mistaken, but it was a nice thought.

The top leadership of the Empire conversed in the balcony they were in as the troops marched onward. The military command was making small talk out of strategies and socialization. The political higher-ups were discussing issues political in nature, albeit some did mutter a bit here and there about personal matters.

The Emperor continued to observe attentively. He had nothing better to do, so he smiled and acted for the cameras.

The sun was shining beautifully today. What a nice day. The generals can have their worries, and the politicians can have their headaches. But the Emperor? None. He can just observe the sky without any worry. He can appreciate nature's beauty despite all these cannonades and the skyscrapers.

How delightful.

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  [GIS] Siranthirion
Posted by: Qastari - 06-18-2020, 04:11 PM - Replies (4)

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
Hauyna Siranthirion
Nation in Selene: Qastari | Plot Code: S.33

I, Qastari, hereby certify in my capacity as representative of the Hauyna Siranthirion that the following information submitted for the Global Information Survey is true to the best of my knowledge and faithfully reflects the current situation of Siranthirion. I further confirm that I have full authority to engage with the the Stellar Council and will correct any information found to be missing or inaccurate.

A. Overview

• Full Country Name: Hauyna Siranthirion

• Short Country Name : Siranthirion

• Date of Foundation: XX/XX/27 BFC

• Internet Top Level Domain: SR

• Capital City: Tal Caedirin

• Largest City: Tal Caedirin

• Demonym: Siranthai

B. Government

• Head of State: Eil Es Alatar

• Head of Government: Eil Es Alatar

• System of Government: Democratic Tribal Confederacy

• Power Structure: Federal

• Legislature: Hauyrili Council

• Highest Court: Hauyrili High Judiciary

• Voting: Compulsory

• Minimum Voting Age: 20

C. People and Society

• Population: 205,000,000

• Life Expectancy: 107

• Literacy Rate: 99

• Direction of Traffic: Right

• Capital Punishment: Legal and used

• Abortion: Legal (for any reason)

• Marriage Equality: N/A

• Healthcare System: Universal

• Religion: Lunysticism 85%, Cult of Ascension 17%. Atheism 12%. Lunysticism and the Cult of Ascension are not mutually exclusive religions and there is a degree of crossover between them.

• Languages Spoken: Sila Caedri

• Most Populated Cities: TBD

• Demographic Composition: 90% Caedri, 7% Lysean, 3% Human

D. Economy

• Gross Domestic Product: 81 trillion

• Currency: Neri

• Inflation Rate: 1.25%

• Unemployment Rate: 7%

• Poverty Rate: 11.03%

• Industries: Automation technology, Military production, Cybernetic Research, Spacecraft research, Luxuries

E. Military

• Military Expenditure: 3.95%

• Military Service: Mandatory (alternative service allowed)

• Active Personnel: .95%

• Reserve Personnel: 4.25%

• Service Branches: Regulars, Alsiy Corps, Technician Corps, Navy, Skyfleet, Starfleet

F. Space

• Colonisation Policy: State-Sponsored

• Fleet Policy: State-Owned

• Space Expenditure: 4.5%

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  [GIS] Commonwealth / Nasourna
Posted by: Tek - 06-14-2020, 12:32 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
United People's Commonwealth
Nation in Selene: Akarus | Plot Code: S.15

I, Tek, hereby certify in my capacity as representative of the United People's Commonwealth that the following information submitted for the Global Information Survey is true to the best of my knowledge and faithfully reflects the current situation of Commonwealth / Nasourna. I further confirm that I have full authority to engage with the Stellar Council and will correct any information found to be missing or inaccurate.

A. Overview

• Full Country Name: United People's Commonwealth

• Short Country Name : Commonwealth / Nasourna

• Date of Foundation: 2127 / 46 AFC

• Internet Top Level Domain: na

• Capital City: Bektamuniwt

• Largest City: Tacaris

• Demonym: Nasourni

B. Government

• Head of State: Arbiter Bektamun-Miane

• Head of Government: Arbiter Tasukhen Shai-Halima

• System of Government: Bektamunist Socialist State

• Power Structure: Unitary (with devolution)

• Legislature: Committee of the People's Magistrates

• Highest Court: Justiciars of the People

• Voting: N/A

• Minimum Voting Age: N/A

C. People and Society

• Population: ~150 million

• Life Expectancy: 110

• Literacy Rate: 98.7%

• Direction of Traffic: Right

• Capital Punishment: Legal and used

• Abortion: Legal (for any reason)

• Marriage Equality: Legal

• Healthcare System: Universal

• Religion: Atheism, Serennite, Cult of Ascension, Lunysticism

• Languages Spoken: Nasourni, Kerneic

• Most Populated Cities: Tacaris, Bektamuniwt, Sharsoruna

• Demographic Composition: ~90% Lysean

D. Economy

• Gross Domestic Product: 25 trillion

• Currency: Deben

• Inflation Rate: 7.34%

• Unemployment Rate: 5.42%

• Poverty Rate: 16.23%

• Industries: Agriculture, Electronics Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Defense Manufacturing 

E. Military

• Military Expenditure: 3.91%

• Military Service: Mandatory

• Active Personnel: 0.98%

• Reserve Personnel: 3.56%

• Service Branches: Commonwealth Armed Forces (unified command structure)

F. Space

• Colonisation Policy: State-Sponsored

• Fleet Policy: State-Owned

• Space Expenditure: 2.87%

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  [GIS] Fornoire
Posted by: Fornoire - 06-13-2020, 09:07 PM - Replies (7)

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
Empire of Fornoire
Nation in Selene: Naxos Island | Plot Code: V.17

I, Fornoire, hereby certify in my capacity as representative of the Empire of Fornoire that the following information submitted for the Global Information Survey is true to the best of my knowledge and faithfully reflects the current situation of Fornoire. I further confirm that I have full authority to engage with the the Stellar Council and will correct any information found to be missing or inaccurate.

A. Overview

• Full Country Name: Empire of Fornoire

• Short Country Name : Fornoire

• Date of Foundation: 18/04/2001

• Internet Top Level Domain: fr

• Capital City: Catherine

• Largest City: Catherine

• Demonym: Fornirian

B. Government

• Head of State: Emperor Alexanderus III

• Head of Government: Prime Minister Sanuvun Petage

• System of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

• Power Structure: Unitary (with devolution)

• Legislature: Imperial Congress (Imperial House of Lords, Imperial Senate, Imperial House of Representatives)

• Highest Court: Imperial and Royal High Court of the Empire of Fornoire

• Voting: Voluntary

• Minimum Voting Age: 18

C. People and Society

• Population: 202,456,536

• Life Expectancy: 78

• Literacy Rate: 99.01%

• Direction of Traffic: Left

• Capital Punishment: Legal and used

• Abortion: Legal (for any reason)

• Marriage Equality: Legal

• Healthcare System: Single-payer with non-profit private options

• Religion: Irreligious (38%), Valianity (30%), Kareguism (18%), Firineire (10%), Monotism (3%), Other (1%)

• Languages Spoken: Fornirian, Solunanese, Hokuto, Meridian, Ardinatan, Others (TBD)

• Most Populated Cities: Catherine, Edwardtown, Florenzei

• Demographic Composition: Human (99.5%), Caedri (0.45%), Lysean (0.05%)

D. Economy

• Gross Domestic Product: 25 trillion

• Currency: Koruna

• Inflation Rate: 1.67%

• Unemployment Rate: 6.10%

• Poverty Rate: 12.01%

• Industries: High Tech Products, Mining, Manufacturing, Services and Retail, Agriculture

E. Military

• Military Expenditure: 2%

• Military Service: Voluntary (with mandatory registration)

• Active Personnel: 0.85%

• Reserve Personnel: 3.85%

• Service Branches: Imperial Land Force, Imperial Maritime Force, Imperial Air Force, Imperial Space Force

F. Space

• Colonisation Policy: Mixed

• Fleet Policy: Mixed

• Space Expenditure: 3.91%

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  Global Information Survey
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 06-13-2020, 04:37 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
Stellar Council

What is the Global Information Survey?
The Global Information Survey is a data survey created by the Stellar Council to consolidate information about all sovereign states in Sorana and Vesta, the two inhabited planets in the Selenid System. Any country that wishes to join the Stellar Council is required to complete the Survey and allow the data within it to be audited by the Council. The Survey consists of six main sections, listed as follows:

• Overview [general country information]

• Government [leaders, government structure and suffrage rights]

• People and Society [population, languages, religion and other demographic data]

• Economy [GDP, unemployment, poverty, industries]

• Military [military expenditure, active and reserve personnel, service branches]

• Space [space expenditure, colonisation, space fleet]

How do countries generate the data necessary to complete the Survey?
The Survey asks information that you would know, as a representative of your country. If you have doubts on how to complete the Survey, however, the following resources could help you have an idea of what how the Stellar Council expects information to be filled out:

Each question within the Survey has a description and, in some cases, examples of what kind of information is expected.

This thread contains information on the Selenid System, including its inhabited planets and further details on species, languages and religions.

The submissions by Sartoria, Septima and Valessia have been audited by the Stellar Council and provide examples of how the Survey should be completed.

If in doubt, you may find fellow country representatives in the Deep Space Gateway, a space station that serves as a lounge and discussion venue for members of the Stellar Council.

What happens after completing the Survey?
Immediately following completion of the Survey you will be redirected to the thread where it will be posted. Auditors from the Stellar Council will be notified of your country's submission and will review it for accuracy, noting any outstanding points and making recommendations in case any piece of information is unclear or inaccurate. If you still have not joined the Deep Space Gateway, it is highly recommended that you do so at this point, since that would make it easier for you to have a steady dialogue with the auditors.

Once the auditors are satisfied with your country's submission, it will be approved and your country will be admitted as a full member of the Stellar Council and the global organisation of your planet: the World Council for Sorana or the World Society for Vesta.

Where does one complete the Survey?
The Survey may be completed by a duly appointed representative of sovereign states through eGIS, the electronic form that contains all questions. eGIS may be found by clicking the following button:

Global Information Survey

ShowOOC - Information for New Members
This thread is, for the most part, written from an in-character perspective; that is, as if you were the representative of your country. This specific section is written out-of-character and addressed to you as a user with an interest in roleplaying in Selene.

What kind of roleplay does Selene do?
Selene roleplays in a post-modern canon that starts in the year 2132; this means that space travel and off-world colonisation are underway, but there no faster-than-light travel yet. There are two planets with intelligent life: Sorana and Vesta. Sorana is a near-ocean world home of two non-human species. Vesta is a planet similar to Earth and the home of the human species.

How do I join the roleplay?
In order to start roleplaying you only need to have a nation in the NationStates region of Selene and fill out the Global Information Survey. GIS is a form that will allow you to figure out some of the basic information and statistics for your country. This will help us know what kind of country we should expect and, at the same time, it will make it easier for you to have an idea of what kind of nation you will run. Once you have submitted your form, a Roleplay Councillor will review it, suggest possible changes for you to make and, in the end, approve it.

Can I use languages for my country languages like French or religions like Christianity?
We would encourage you to invent your own religions, but in the end the choice is yours. That being said, consider the following rules for languages and religions:

• You cannot use real names. For example, you cannot use the name Spanish because there is no Spain in our world.
• Other countries may already be using the language and religion that you have in mind. If possible, check with the users controlling those countries so that you know if it makes sense for you to use those languages or religions (e.g. if the language you want to use only exists in the other planet, if the language you want to use comes from a country that was never near yours).

Our section on Species, Languages and Religions lists all the languages and religions that are currently in use, as well as the countries and users that are currently using them. When in doubt, ask your Roleplay Councillor.

Who can I ask if I have questions about roleplay or the planet I'm in?
If you ever have questions about anything related to the region, your best bet is to head over to our Discord server and ask. There will always be someone online who will be more than happy to help you. If you have specific questions about your planet, the following are the people in charge of each planet:

• Parthnopias and Sizhou are the two players in charge of Sorana.
• Justinian Kalominos and Evangelous Dimitriou are the two players in charge of Vesta.

Can I be removed from the map?
You may be removed from the map in the following cases:

• If you have failed to participate at least once a week during the past month.
• If you no longer have a nation in the NationStates region of Selene.
• If you are expelled from the region or from the regional roleplay for grave or repeated violations of the rules of common decorum within Corpus Juris, the regional basic law.

If you are removed for either of the first two reasons, you may still reapply and generally expect to be readmitted. If you are expelled for rules violations, consult with the Privy Council before reapplying. It is possible to file for a leave of absence no longer than one month on account of health, studies or personal business by posting in our Leaves of Absence Notifications thread. When in leave, you will be exempt from the activity requirement, but not from the requirement to have a nation in Selene or to abide by Corpus Juris.

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  Leave of Absence Notifications
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 06-13-2020, 04:35 PM - No Replies

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Leave of Absence Notifications
Region of Selene

When should I notify a leave of absence?
If your real life obligations will make you unable to participate regularly in the region for a period of up to one month, you should request a leave of absence. These obligations could be personal business, exams, vacations, travel to a place without good Internet access, among others.

What happens when I notify a leave of absence?
You will not be required to meet the activity requirements in order to remain on the maps. You will still be required to keep a nation in Selene and to follow the rules in Corpus Juris. You are free to resume activity, or maintain a low level of activity, at any point during your leave of absence.

Does anyone need to approve my leave of absence?
Nobody needs to approve your leave of absence. Once you post your notification, your leave of absence will be observed.

Can my leave of absence be revoked?
If the Founder or the Privy Council believe that you are abusing your right to leaves of absence, it will be revoked. Abuse involves filing successive unjustified notifications, one after the other, giving an impression that you are occupying a map plot without ever intending to participate.

How do I notify a leave of absence?
Simply copy the code below and post it as a reply to this thread, replacing DD/MM/YYYY and XXXX with the required information:

[align=justify][font=Trebuchet MS][size=medium][b]Leave of Absence Notification[/b][/size]

[b]Start Date:[/b] DD/MM/YYYY

[b]End Date:[/b] DD/MM/YYYY

[b]Reason(s):[/b] XXXX[/font][/align]

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