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Corpus Juris


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Corpus Juris
Passed by the Third Privy Council on 01 June 2020


  1. Content in regional venues shall conform to common standards of decency and mutual respect in order to foster a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all members.
  2. Content may not insult members or incite others to respond with insults. Content may not be inherently offensive or hateful or imply an endorsement of offensive or hateful views.
  3. Content may not feature personally identifiable information without the express consent of the individual affected. Such information includes but is not limited to names, addresses and contact information.
  4. Content must be substantial and conform to section and thread rules. Content may not be garish or irrelevant. Irrelevancy includes but is not limited to multiple posts with similar content, posts that needlessly revive dormant threads and posts that may be reasonably construed spam.
  5. Content may not include commercial or regional advertising, provided that the promotion of activities by foreign partners and other relevant activities may be authorised by the Founder or the Privy Council.

  1. Justinian Kalominos is the Founder of Selene and holds plenary and discretionary power over the affairs of the region. Evangelous Dimitriou is the Co-Founder of Selene and shall, in the absence of the Founder or when so authorised by him, discharge all the powers and responsibilities of the Founder.
  2. There shall be a Privy Council appointed by the Founder entrusted to conduct the affairs of the region and discharge all other responsibilities as directed by the Founder.
  3. The Founder, the Co-Founder and the Privy Council shall be held accountable to Corpus Juris and all other subsidiary orders and directives in the same manner as all other members of the region.

  1. Members may not make their nations or characters invincible to attack or portray themselves in such a manner that an attack on them would be generally useless. Invincibility includes but is not limited to the adoption of unusual statistics or blocking attacks through unrealistic or forbidden means.
  2. Members may not claim unusual or unrealistic statistics or information for their nations or characters. The Privy Council may deem particular statistics and information unrealistic.
  3. Members may not use information gained solely through out-of-character means to obtain an in-character advantage.
  4. Members may not act upon others without their concern. Actions include but are not limited to invasions, attacks, entering into treaties, assassinations or infiltrations.
  5. Members affected by the above may disavow such acts, upon which time the same shall be stricken from the canon.
  6. Members may not engage in underdeveloped roleplays outside of designated threads. Underdeveloped roleplays are those that consist of single lines or otherwise lack proper story development.
  7. Members may conduct roleplays that do not abide by the above rules in distinctly marked threads with the understanding that those will not be considered part of the canon and may be halted by the Privy Council if deemed necessary.

  1. Roleplay shall be conducted, for the purposes of canon, in a post-modern world set in the 22nd century and in the locations made available for use in the consolidated maps of the Selenid System.
  2. Content shall be considered post-modern for the purposes of canon if it features technology that could be reasonably presumed to exist in a future world that is fairly advanced in space travel but limited to manned travel only within its solar system.
  3. Content that is not post-modern is acceptable if presented within the concept of in-universe storytelling, religion, conspiracies or folklore.
  4. Members must be present in the region and be accepted by the Privy Council for inclusion in the consolidated maps of the Selenid System in order to participate in canon.
  5. Members may not request more than one country on the consolidated maps, split their existing country or merge it, partially or completely, with another country, without prior authorisation from the Privy Council. No request to split or combine countries, partially or completely, will be granted without a timeline for a restoration to their original condition.
  6. Members may enhance their own countries' maps and make useful edits and additions to the consolidate maps provided that they credit the Privy Council and secure its permission for the desired edits or additions.
  7. Members may request the intervention of the Privy Council to clarify the conformity of any idea with this document and to solve disputes with other members.

  1. The venues of Selene shall be the region on NationStates, the website at http://selene.online/, the server on Discord and all other platforms so designated by the Privy Council.
  2. This document may be altered at any time by agreement of the Privy Council, but no change shall be effective until it has been properly communicated to all members.
  3. The Founder shall be the final arbiter in all cases of controversy or doubt with regards to this and all other rules and regulations.

This is the third iteration of Corpus Juris after Corpus Juris I [19 July 2016] and Corpus Juris II [16 February 2017].

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Justinian Kalominos
Founder of Selene

If you have questions about the region, our regional roleplay, government or how to get involved, feel free to send me a message!

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