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[IC]  Flash News


Flash News
short news from around the planetary system
Nations from all around the planetary system use this platform to share short news about their happenings, to be distributed to all subscribers. This platform is part of the Unity Project.

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First Councillor Marco Bonaventura assured the House of Councillors that the Government remains committed to a balanced approach towards Sorana. The First Councillor appeared on Monday morning for Question Time, where he fielded questions from both sides of the aisle on a variety of issues, both domestic and foreign. When asked about the recent execution of Sovereigns by the Nasourni Government, the First Councillor agreed that this was not conducive towards productive dialogue between both worlds, but assured the House that his priority is to guarantee the security and national interests of Sartoria in particular and of Vesta overall.


The Imperial government expresses "grave concern" over the execution of the Sovereigns, unable to completely trust the "questionable process by the authoritarian government of Nasourni" but still "hoping for a peaceful resolution". A travel warning has been issued by the Imperial government, counselling Fornirian nationals to avoid the country due to a "fear of future political instability".


Empire of Valessia

The Valessian Government today characterized the executions of Sovereigns as ''egregious'' and "appalling" along with issuing a travel advisory to any citizen and especially Sovereigns. Conservative News circles characterized the executions as barbaric and that it would be the outcome for more than just Sovereigns should order break down.


President Leggièri has signed into law the Space Settlement Act, paving the way for the civilian administration of non-military off-world properties, namely Città Apollo. Contrary to what its name would suggest Città Apollo is not a city, but rather a joint military outpost and scientific research station on Apollo, the sole natural satellite of Vesta. Under the Space Settlement Act, administration of the civilian sector of Città Apollo, along with any other off-world civilian outpost, would switch from the Office for Military Affairs to the Office for Aerospatial Development.


Prime Minister Sanuvun Petage has inaugurated the Laschia Public School, a new addition to the elite schools constructed by the government for gifted children of poor and lower middle-class families across the Empire. The Empire is known for investing highly on education, with 20% of its entire national budget usually being granted to the education system.


President Leggièri has nominated Massimo Ermellino for Permanent Representative to the World Society. Ambassador Ermellino has had a lengthy career at the Foreign Office, having served for 6 years as Ambassador to Septima and most recently 4 years as Deputy Director for Diplomatic Affairs. Ambassador Ermellino will have to face confirmation hearings and votes at the Senate before assuming his commission.


In a change of command ceremony at the Bureau of Defensive Affairs' headquarters in Castietya, Admiral Piri Lukács relinquished command of the Grand Space Corps to Admiral Csaba Juhász. During his remarks, Adml. Juhász was key to mention the lack of certification within the fleet, stating, "There is a gap in our crewman's knowledge and in what their capabilities should be. Should a conflict erupt, there is a very high chance that they will lost the fight. Immediate action must be taken to correct this, with the support of the Commodores."


First Councillor Bonaventura restated the national goal of furthering the exploration of the Selenid System, pointing out that "there is no higher goal than placing Sartoria as the foremost spacefaring power of this system" and calling on the Parliament to continue supporting the funding of the Strategic Space Policy. This statement followed questions from the opposition on the implementation of the Space Settlement Act and the wisdom of diverting funds from military to civilian space-based efforts.



Hierarch Nesea and Heritep Seten jointly launched the new flagship of the Valessian Stellar Fleet, the ''Azeus'', fitted with the newest technologies available to the Empire. It is being seen throughout Valessia as a re-commitment to the Valessia First Policy that Heritep Seten ran on four years prior. The flagship has been dispatched on a flyby of the two moons of Sorana. The ship has been placed under the command of Prime Admiral Prexinos.


Rei Jaufre V Tessier was present today in Tolosa to help Cancellier Margrete Sardou unveil the new building for the Royal Chambers of Parliament. The old palace which housed Parliament needed renovation and Rei Jaufre made it known that the Royal Family wished the palace be returned to them. The Royal Family donated one third of the cost of the new building in return for the old palace.

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