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Flash News

Ardinatan state media has broadcast a documentary detailing the rebels' war crimes against loyalists and nobles in their territory. Despite the broadcaster being the government, most analysts believe that the documentary is legitimate, albeit hyperbolic for propaganda.

Rebels have accused the Ardinatan state of bombing towns under their control. Ardinat denies this, claiming that these were "military targets" and has called the rebels "savage pigdogs unworthy of life".

A terrorist attack has rocked the port city of Coun, with gunmen firing indiscriminately into the crowd at a high-end shopping mall, killing 16 and injuring 35. Among the injured is the Metropolitan Countess of Coun, the local noble of the city. The Vordeis rebels have claimed the incident as their own.

The Vordeis rebels have been defeated. The King has died, and the new Queen has arrested hundreds of high-ranking nobles in what many call a systematic and inexplicable purge.

Roitale is said to be engulfed in gunfire. Army units are closing in the capital.

The Queen has called a press conference amidst the dwindling fighting in the capital.

This morning, the Queen has shocked the world by announcing that the absolute monarchy shall be dismantled in favour of a more liberalized system, and that a Commission on Human Rights Violations shall be established to assess the brutality of the regime.

Ardinat shall hold "free and fair elections" on November the 1st, the Queen has said. Parties can now campaign.

The Constitutional Party, a party endorsed by the Queen, has won a victory in Ardinat's first-ever elections.

The new Ardinatan Parliament has entered its first session, with the Queen due to make a speech in the chamber soon.

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