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You are welcome to post one-line news about your nation. Please keep to this format in order to ensure brevity and ease of reading.

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Parthenopian Emperor, Alexander II, is set to celebrate his birthday and an announcement next week on the sixth. It's widely anticipated this will be him nominating his heir apparent.
Prince Patrizio has called a plenary session of the Privy Council for reasons undisclosed. It is believed that he will announce his intent to abdicate next month.
Grand Prime Minister Jasper Henn has offered an olive branch to Petro Herzog to end the Monarchist riots.
Steward Luigia Caruso of Messelia has been confirmed in her position by the First Councillor, following the passage of a confidence vote in the Legislative Council.
The Parthenopian Foreign Ministry offered congratulations, while also offering condolences to the people of the Republics once again, to the new Grand President of Septima along with applauding the olive branch to the monarchists proposed by the Grand Prime Minister.
Prince Patrizio announced today his intent to abdicate, effective July 1, and has stated he will convene the Court of the Realms within the present week.
Petro Herzog has arrived in Castietya under the protection of the federal government’s.
First Councillor Luciana Bergamaschi has formally convened the Court of the Realms, the institution that will select the successor to Prince Patrizio.
Henn and Herzog have agreed to a removal of the Monarchist rallies in exchange for additional power within his government. The move is expected to draw widespread criticism.