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I'm afraid that I have become too busy to involve myself in this role play anymore. I'm sorry to do this after Procellia left, but please understand. I have high school now, and I cannot afford to spend anymore time on other things. My only request is that you guys just forget about my nation's history. Let other nations settle on my plot and make their own story on that land. I'd prefer it if you guys just forgot my nation's existence. I know it's gonna be complicated to do that, but please do it for not my sake, but for potential newcomers. That is all. Well guys, goodbye. It was nice knowing all of you.

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Thanks for participating. I hope you come back soon.

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Your High School must be pretty strict but yeah I understand. No Soltek pact then, cold war is over *sighs all right I can deal with that, at least my nations history won't have changed much and it can still be in anarchy.


So it looks like I'm going to be less busy than I thought I would be. I'm back. Sorry I scared you guys. Now I feel like an ass for saying goodbye then coming back 4 days later lol.

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Haha lol things are back2 normal then

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BB ur BaCk! Plz, don leeve agen!

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No worries. I'm sure everyone understands a hectic schedule

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