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Kauzka In Anarchy


(100k troops just don't move in an hour.)

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The army reaches Shycus, seeing the militia ahead of them, with about 45 bomber jets and 20 fighter jets. The infantry begin pointing their machine guns towards the militia. Meanwhile in the Sol Federation, Edward Yutan asks for the Equalist army to aid the Soltek troops as they know the land.


Anti-air craft turrets had been set up on many of the buildings around Shycus and begin mowing the bombers and fighters. On the ground the militia, those not already hidden, get behind makeshift sand bags, trenches and other means of cover and begin shooting at the army. The hidden troops begin gathering in buildings around the army silently.


Anarchists infiltrate Messes and spread the word of anarchy to the equalists, anarchic-communism spreads to nearby cities on the mainland, with other anarchists liking its ways better.


OOC This is because the Sol Federation didn't attack Keemu because they don't exist

Keemus troops spread into the mainland, capturing coastal towns and cities without to much resistance from the anarcho-communists, which now control almost all of the nation.
Troop stationed in cities move out to reclaim the lost territories from Keemu.


Keemu, running Shycus under an authoritarian regime, has experienced rebellions in the city and amoung his troops, the anarcho-communists use this opportunity to reclaim the lost cities and advance on Shycus. They expect to arrive with their 10,000 troops in 3 days.

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