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Resolution on New Senate Speaker


Resolution on New Senate Speaker
Resolution on the Appointment of the Speaker of the Senate

Whereas the Senate of the Empire of Selene is organised in a makeshift fashion not arising from the institutions of a constitution.

Whereby the Senate requires some measure of order to be able to fully and actively serve the Empire and it's interests,

Cognizant of the current place of the Emperor as the Acting Speaker of the Senate in all bills brought before the Senate in times past,

Trusting that the election of a new Speaker of the Senate will allow the Emperor additional time to administrate,

  • Appoints Volgorod as the Speaker of the Senate.

  • Encourages the Emperor to anoint Volgorod to a Dukedom for the duration of his term as Speaker of the Senate.

  • Recommends that the Senate pass legislation to formalise the structure of the Senate with all due haste.
Be it hereby enacted by the Senate of the Empire of Selene.

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