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[IC] Flash News

The Oceanographic Institute of Cinia has honored Archon Jessero's lifetime work to preserve the oceans and raise awareness to the damages caused by overfishing, reckless drilling and climate change. The Blue Fin award is seen as one of the world's foremost awards for work in Oceanography. A reception and ceremony is to be held in a week's time to formally present the award.

FASA (Fydorian Academy for Space and Astronomy) launched the first Fydorian Satelite, Spomake Gewtein. Appointed CEO of FASA has claimed that "The reason this took so long, is beacause we wanted to be on step ahead of the other countries that underestimate our scientific advancements." Spomake Gewtein, or 'Space King' in Fydoria, is a highly advanced satellite, used for a multitude of purposes. From tracking weather and climate changes, to mapping the stars, and it even serves as a telescope, to study different planets. FASA hopes to launch the first Fydorian to Artemia's moon within the near future.

The Parthenopian Ministry of the Interior has announced a plan to create a marine national park off the coast of the nation but within its territorial waters so as to preserve the local marine environment. The location and name of the park has yet to be announced.

Fornoire, after much consideration, has accepted the Kumarian offer. All troops have been ordered to stop fighting and enforce a ceasefire, albeit prepare extra defenses, just in case.

Reports of the military shooting both rioters and innocent civilians left and right in Oriportum have surfaced, as the apparently tired and stressed soldiers have "made grave errors in the operation to quell the riots". The military has said that it will continue, albeit with more care, but King Willihiam III has protested the decision to continue, seeking that Parliament approves his request to stop the "catastrophic carnage" in Oriportum.

A cease fire has been order for all troops in Oskioriopli. Executive Administrator Sergei Petrov has called for the Fornirian negotiations to be in Nuetral territory, possibly a Foriegn nation.

Preparations are well underway for tomorrow night's annual presentation of the Blue Fin Oceanographic Award. The private black tie even generally draws the political and scientific elite together to honor an individual who has gone above and beyond to help preserve the oceans. Other awards will also be given out during the night. The event is to be held at the Gules Levanti Institute in Cinia.

The Switzerland Act was passed by the grand council this morning, forming a decisive foreign policy for the nation.

The Fydorian Royal Army is now using high grade Fydorium Combat Suits in action. The new suits are quite heavy, but can save many of the lives of our soldiers.

Picture of Fydorium Combat Suit:

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