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Hello, this is where I would like to ask you all to share criticisms of one another's RP.
Such as the quality of one's RP, the nation they have, and other things like that.
Here the rules:
1. Don't be rude. (Obviously)
2. Give legitimate criticisms.
3. If you wish to be critiqued, go ahead and post Critique Me in this thread.
4. Don't criticize someone who's not involved in this.
With that all out of the way, I'm proud to say let's begin.
Critique me! (Be gentle ><)


Rip no one cared lol


You did leave shortly after.


Well I mean I didn't make the announcement I was leaving lol


Which I've found works best.
On some other forums it seems like some people have "I'm leaving" topics just for attention, as if they only want people to try to get them to stay. Even if not doing that, it can look that way sometimes.
Then there's the consideration that you might come back in the future. This makes any previous or future leaving topics more silly.
And other than that, in my experience you learn more from seeing if anyone notices that you silently left than if you post a topic about it where everyone can carefully craft their response.

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