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Passing Dreams


"In the name of all that is worthy, with the ideals of our mothers and fathers, to preserve that which is worth preserving, and to ensure the survival and flourishment of all we hold dear, I, Blazhe Filipov, open the 4th Council of the Anesians. Please sit."

The opening phrase, or prayer as some would even call it, was meant to evoke a sense of patriotism, however fleeting, in those that bothered attending the Council's actual meetings. Unfortunately, rarely did anyone bother to come to them, more worried about their own survival as opposed to any sense of law and order. Still, the Militia, led by Chief Ioannidis, followed the laws set out by the Council, and the rest of the town dared not cross the Chief.

Blazhe sat down after the rest of the Council, along with the Chief, took their seats at the makeshift table, and pulled his coat closer to him. "Well, that's my introduction. Who's next?" He looked around the room for the next member of the Council to stand up and speak.

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