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Viral Containment Center


The enigmatic leader of the recently established Viral Containment Center was known to the world as only "Tek". Though the specialized branch of the Ministry of Health had only been recently established, from its headquarters in Likos its influence and power had rapidly spread across the globe as reports of the mysterious contagion emerged.

As reports of this mysterious virus intensified, so did news from the VCC. Its contacts with world leaders became an almost daily occurrence. And now some claimed he had sent classified reports to the world's political elite, briefing them on a set of supposed "Directives". Cultural icons and biological samples worldwide apparently disappeared into VCC facilities with no warning, the world's top scientists suddenly transferred to its employment. All while suppressing even the existence of the VCC to the world.

Now Tek stood in the halls of Selene, face to face with Emperor Justinian himself. Tek's personal armed bodyguards stood read by his side.

"Emperor Justinian. Crown Prince Constantine. We face a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions, and we must respond accordingly. The dead are rising and infecting the living with their plague. Thus far you have heeded my advice to control its spread, and for that I am grateful. But the ordinary measures allowed by ordinary situations are not sufficient for this extraordinary situation. We need a leadership will to take whatever measures are necessary to fight this virus, one willing to do so no matter how extreme or how many lives - if you can call them that - may be lost. It has become clear to me that such needs cannot be met under the normal government of Selene. The VCC needs unlimited executive authority to implement the measures I have proposed. No politics or bureaucratic red tape, only unquestioned authority to act by any means necessary. You've seen my reports, you've had your scientists confirm my conclusions. I merely ask that you give me what I need to let us survive."


Justinian looked up. He had been reading yet another report on the incident at the University of Byzantium. This one said a student had written a full account of the incident and posted it on his blog. Millions had probably read it by now, and had more information than they neededd about the true nature of the outbreak. This was yet another leak and another failure in the security apparatus, another step closed to the collapse of the human race. He left the report, making a mental note to finish reading it later, and approached the man who had just entered his office.


He could say no more than that, since the man began talking, a speech that had obviously been rehearsed, and made no more inviting by the presence of bodyguards at his side. How had armed bodyguards been allowed to access his office?

"...I merely ask that you give me what I need to let us survive."

Justinian looked at the man, incredulous, and yet fully aware of how dangerous he could be, if he made an enemy of him. He chose his next words carefully.

"Congratulations Tek, on your appointment as Director of the VCC. I hear you have made great progress with the incredibly generous resources we provided. I trust you have come not only to tell me what you need, but also what you have done to contain this disease?"


Tek sighed.

"i've given you everything on the new strain of the virus. Medical data, containment procedures, combat proposals. I've put in places systems for a coordinated global effort. I've done everything I can with the measly authority you've given me. Everywhere I go they look at me like some mere servant of the Ministry of Health. If those idiots had listened to me years ago we'd never have been in this damn situation.

You've seen my numbers. Within days there will be nothing left. I need more. I need conscription, the chain of command, comtrol over every research center. I need the impunity to act without concern for every little human right. Not just Selene, but every nation. Once Selene signs my proposal the world will follow, and for once you politicians can put aside your squabbles and work together for a change.

By now my men will have started taking things into their own hands in Likos. You'll receive reports soon enough detailing how we turned the tide there, and then all too late you will realize I'm right."


How dare he? Justinian stared at the man in anger, at his boldness, at his misguided sense of self-importance. He calmed his temped and replied.

"You forget your place, Tek. I am not some random politician. I am the Emperor of Selene. I am your Emperor. If you stand here today, in the position you are currently holding, that is because I allowed it, and I can say differently anytime I choose."

He turned his back on Tek, heading for his desk, and standing behind it, now facing him, and with an uncharacteristically stern voice continued..

"You have your conscription and control over all research centres. The chain of command ends with me, and while I may support your future policies to stop this onlaught, you will ask my authorisation for all major actions. Is that clear? Good."

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