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Azobyr-Mivorgan War Comments


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Your story sucks bye


(10-20-2016, 09:46 PM)Hentail Wrote: Your story sucks bye

A+ for encouragement.

I think your story is very nice. It could use work, but so could everything else too. Tongue

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(10-20-2016, 09:46 PM)Hentail Wrote: Your story sucks bye

How about we don't go there?

I think it's a great kickstarter for Summa Cavea. Congrats on showing initiative! Smile


How about we do go there? Tongue


After realizing that Azobyr and surrounding nations look like Libya in size, or bigger, and since the aim of my map was to be a global map, I've decided to change the territory and population numbers. If you'd like to see the changes, either read the factbooks or the Global Chronicle issue, where you'll notice changes in numerical facts.


So, the war reaches a turning point. What should happen? Should Azobyr and it's superior-in-tech forces win, or should Mivorga overcome this disadvantage and win? You decide, and explain to us why (example: I think (X) should win because it has (Y), (Z) and/or (A) advantages)

(Also use realism plz, not your feelings)

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