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A Pretender Rises (Eskaeban Civil War Thread)

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Michael Theikos looked out of the tall window of his palace, looking down onto the parade of citizens swarming into Andronikos Square in downtown Vetranopolis. The city had just received the word of the Basileus' assassination, and also of Luscaris' ascension to power. The city (and the south of Eskaeba, for that matter) had always despised Luscaris, his politics, and everything he stood for. 

Michael turned and faced the exquisite marble craftsmanship of Neptune in his foyer, as Theodosius' cousin, he now had a decision to make, but he couldn't bring himself to a unanimous decision.

He summoned his butler, a long and trustworthy friend of Michael's, and asked him.

"Well, I do believe you have a valid claim to the throne, my good S-"


[Image: edwardii.jpg]
Proclus I Luscaris

The screams of the news boy sprinting down the street rung in the ears of Michael, he had to contest the throne to prevent the country from devolving into a brutal authoritarian regime. The now-titled Basileus Proclus I announced his coronation date to be two weeks away, in the centre of Palimpela.

Michael ordered his butler to fetch his guard, and all available volunteers to his cause. Around 30,000 active military personnel had sworn fealty to Proclus after his succession, while Michael only had his guard of 200, well trained albeit, but not enough.

[Image: king-willem-i.jpg]
Michael VIII Theikos

He broadcast his message far and wide, targeting districts who voted for Labour or the Crown Party during the election. He styled himself as Michael VIII Theikos and officially laid claim to the Eskaeban throne, challenging Proclus' claim. Thus began the second Eskaeban Civil War.

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