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The Fornirian Times


The Fornirian Times

Issue #1
November 11, 2016/November 11, 1 MDE
Era: Modern Democratic Era (Year 1)

Coalition Government: Venuse Petage elected as Prime Minister after discussions in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition

[Image: tFdKl75.jpg]
The country's first democratically-elected parliament's composition (list of parties below)
¥Social Democrats(346) (Pinkish Red)
¥New Social Democrats(330) (Orange Red)
¥Liberal Democracy(320) (Pistachio Green)
¥Welfare(300) (Light Blue)
¥Centrists(280) (Dark Green)
¥Leftist Coalition(230) (Bright Red)
¥Liberal-Green(221) (Green)
¥New Green Alliance(200) (Light Green)
Conservatives(200) (Gray)
Fornirian Traditions(183) (Blue Gray)
Soviet Alliance(160) (Dark Red)
¥Communists(150) (Yellow)
¥Progressive Front(130) (Purple)
Freedom(120) (Dark Blue)
¥Socialist Alliance(106) (Pink)
Libertarians(105) (Light Yellow)
¥Selenists(100) (Violet)
¥Federalists(84) (Cyan)
Anti-Selenists(69) (Violet Red)
Republicans(50) (Baby Blue)
Right Path(45) (Turquoise)
Neo-Liberals(40) (Magenta)
Nationalist-Royalist(40) (Orange)
Christian Front(40) (Peach)
Capitalists(40) (Violet Blue-ish)
National Socialist(30) (Dark Gray)
Fascist(25) (Black)
¥Environmentalists(20) (Cream)
¥Rural Power(20) (Dark Yellow)
Duli(12) (Light Pink)
Seikyo Jiritsu(10) (Water Light Blue)
Anarchists(10) (Olive Green)
¥Monarchists(10) (Strawberry)
Confederation of Independents(10) (Indigo)
Sorist(4) (Brown)
(Not Pictured):
Royal Army(1)
Royal Navy(1)
Royal Air Force(1)
Royal Cybernetic Forces(1)
Royal Catherine Stock Market and Exchange(1)
Kaojinako Shipping(1)
Royal Port Authority(1)
Ministry of Education(1)
Ministry of Health(1)
Ministry of Culture(1)
Ministry of Justice(1)
Ministry of Security(1)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(1)
Ministry of Infrastructure(1)
Ministry of Finance(1)
Royal Treasury(1)
Ministry of Agriculture(1)
National Worker's Alliance of Unions and Syndicates(1)

¥ denotes parties in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition

Fornoire- After a legislative election for the country's parliament, for the first time in history, a non-noble will rule the country.

Venuse Petage, a Social Democrat, has been elected by the country's parliament as Fornoire's Prime Minister.

His election was a result of complex talks between many parties, which resulted in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition, a complicated and delicate alliance of centrist, centre-left, leftist, and even far-left parties, liderated by the Social Democrats.

There was controversy over his choosing, however. The New Social Democrats, who split from the Social Democrats over leadership and ideology, criticized the choosing at first, as Venuse Petage, a top Social Democrat, is one of the most anti-NSD members of his party, even calling the NSD "a bunch of selfish fools who don't know what they're doing", over the splitting of the party. Yet, to prevent any stalling, the NSD eventually supported his candidacy.

Meanwhile, the Sorists, the youngest party in the race, got 4 seats in Parliament, with 0.1% of the vote. Analysts were shocked at their gains, as no one had considered the Sorists winning any seats.


The Fornirian Times

Issue #2
January 6, 2017/January, 6, 1 MDE
Era: Modern Democratic Era (Year 1)

Military Chaos: Fornirian Police in surprising raids against military leaders, crackdown in the Military

[Image: eOpsD4v.jpg]
Figures like King Willihiam III (left) and Prime Minister Venuse Petage (right) have urged the people to defend democracy

Fornoire- It has been a surprise week for the country, or so many could say.

Now, another development: authorities made several raids on military leaders, including Generals, Commanders, and even a Navy Fleet Admiral, who commanded an entire fleet.

The government accuses them of plotting a coup d'etat, attempting to overthrow the government in Catherine after "massive" military budget cuts, and to restore the previous nobility that ruled Fornoire in an absolute monarchy. They also accuse them of confusing some of their more reluctant soldiers in their command, telling them that the government was plotting to purge them if they did not act.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the government has presented "piles of incriminating evidence", and it is preparing it's cases in the following trials ahead. The Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice have warned on fabricated evidence from both sides, promising "severe consequences" if the evidence that was given to these bodies is fake.

The raids were a surprise, even to the majority of Parliament and to some government ministers themselves. The government and the police did acquire permits to launch the raids, and they say that "we are ready to challenge this fact in court with evidence".

Not all raids were bloodless. One General had surrounded his house with private security guards. He ordered his guards to open fire on security forces, and is also accused of resisting arrest. 5 guards died, and the remaining 45 are accused of attempted murder (no police officers died, just 23 wounded) and assault to the authorities.

Another raid involved police facing off against an Air Force Marshal, when soldiers from the army loyal to him shot the authorities. The Marshal is accused of corruption for using soldiers from the army to protect himself, along with resisting arrest.

The military has been temporarily placed under the control of Parliament. After this indefinite temporary control, the King will be Commander-in-Chief, unlike the old days, in which the nobility was in charge. Parliament will most likely reform the military, trying to adjust it to a style of other countries, in which a Head of State is the leader of the military instead of the current Council of Generals.

Parliament and even the King wanted to reform the military to be under the command of an executive leader, but the military itself prevented this, according to the government, repeatedly threatening to commit a coup d'etat if the Council of Generals was dissolved and stripped of it's powers.


What is the Council of Generals?

The Council of Generals is a body commanding the military as Heads of States do around the world. This is the result of the remnants of the old nobility which ruled Fornoire in an absolute monarchy until August 20th, 2016, when the current government was established. Preceding the Council was the Noble Council of the Military, ruling the military as any Head of State does. It even chooses the Minister of the Military, the current Duke Heneri of Glastod. The King is only a Commander of the Military in name.

Little has changed since democracy came to Fornoire, except one key fact: the King is not allowed to appoint any new Generals anymore to the Council. This is because of the King's powers being reduced. Instead, the Generals themselves appoint their replacements, being justified as "for the process to be non-partisan and technocratic". The government accuses the Council of keeping this power to themselves to secure their dominance over the military.

Then why doesn't the Prime Minister or someone else replace this Council?

Because they couldn't. According to the government, the Council was too powerful. So powerful that they threatened the new government. It didn't care what the government did, however. It just wanted to rule the military and it's matters by itself. It would even defend the government like any other military would do.

...That is, until the government wanted to cut the military's budget by almost half. Many see this as an attempt to weaken the Council, in order for it to not be a threat to the government anymore. Many MPs, however, were oblivious to the intentions. According to many interviews conducted by The Fornirian Times and other news sources, many thought that it was just to invest more in education, healthcare and welfare. Only key leaders of the main parties and the government knew of the proposal's true motives, however.

So, when the Council saw that it's power was under threat, they acted right away?

The government says yes. Not only that, but seeing how much of a threat a democratic government was, they wanted to install the old regime back in power. Only the Crown Forces stayed completely loyal to the democratic government.

The government has admitted, however, that this was all a trap.

A trap? For the Council?

Yes. According to the government's version of the events, this was all planned.

Parliament would pass these cuts. Then, the Council would get nervous, and act fast to secure itself, thus attempting a coup d'etat. The government, in a vulnerable position, would propose to talk a compromise out, since the Council would not be as cautious, since it was just budget cuts. Having the enough evidence necessary to finally take the Council to court, they conducted raids in order to finish the Council of Generals.

The government says this was necessary. They thought they did not have enough evidence to conduct these raids, as they used codenames in their blackmail letters, unknown to the courts or even military courts. Plus, even if the courts knew it was the Council, the codes were too vague for them to be presented as evidence, on which the Generals would fight their case on to declare their innocence, so says the government.

Wait, this still doesn't make any sense. Why not just dissolve the Council instead immediately?

According to the government's version, the former Council would be even more wary than they were for the massive cuts. Instead of the military vehicles to conduct a coup d'etat, they would send a stronger force, as more factions would be convinced to act if the Council is dissolved, instead for budget cuts. Not as many would act for budget cuts, but many factions would be convinced if the Council was dissolved, as their powers too would be diminished under an actual Commander-in-Chief system.


King Willihiam III, Prime Minister Venuse Petage, and many government leaders have urged a fight for democracy.

"The following months will be our greatest struggle of all to keep our democracy alive. We will try our best, but, if the government fails, we urge the people to fight for democracy. For we have earned our freedom, and we will not let that freedom falter so quickly. We will not let the centuries-old system of absolute rule revive again. For our future, we must take any actions necessary. Even if it means tricking the enemies of freedom to get it" -King Willihiam III

"As a Fornirian hailing from the countryside, I have not seen this much action, nor how murky politics really are. It is, unfortunately. However, we must strive for freedom. We must do whatever possible to make our home a better place, whilst fighting whomever to get our goals. For the greater good, I have no regrets. To defend our surging, young democracy, I have no regrets" -Prime Minister Venuse Petage

"We ask our allies to bear with us in this time of struggle. For, if things go wrong, we cannot do this alone. We may have been foul and sneaky on our actions, but it is for the greater good of our country. Even if it means sacrificing yourself for a prosperous country, you must fight for your freedom. We, and the world, can never forget that. For when we forget that sacrifices for our freedom were made, we lose it's purpose. If we are cowards in the face of the enemy, if we flee at seeing a new dictatorship, we have already lost our freedom without even starting to fight to defend it. Laws alone cannot defend our rights. It is our courage and bravery to stand that does. Even if it means my very own existence, I will fight for democracy. I am sure our allies will defend theirs as well, no matter what" -Minister of Foreign Affairs Galadie Safirus


The Fornirian Times

Issue #3
June 6, 2017/June, 6, 1 MDE
Era: Modern Democratic Era (Year 1)

Coup? King moves 30,000 troops to the capital

[Image: U4YbSJ7.jpg]
Troops have been seen en route to Catherine

Fornoire- In a move that has taken many by surprise and mystery, the King has ordered 30,000 troops in Northern Fornoire to march towards the capital.

The government "has no idea whatsoever on what is happening" but that it will express its views after evaluating the situation. Many Fornirians expressed confusion and/or outright fear upon seeing thousands of soldiers riding in their area in a route to Catherine.

The King has not commented directly. The Silver Palace issued the order, but with no reasons as to why.

Some politicians are enraged, thinking that this is a possible coup d'etat attempt by the King. Others doubt it, but there is a consensus: why?

Parliament has called an emergency session to debate the sudden and mysterious action. They will decide on if they should condemn the move or not.

Fearing the worst, Catherine residents are blocking many entrances to the city, setting up barricades. Even the local naval and land garrisons have been blocked, essentially making them hostages as protesters refuse to let anyone go in or out of the barracks and naval base.

Catherine's local police has refused to get involved, as many law enforcement agents are taking sick days in protest, leaving them with a shortage of officers, and because it will not involve itself in military matters. "We can barely enforce law and order in the city, and we refuse to get involved anyway" said a spokesperson. Crime has gone up a bit, but there is no skyrocketing crime rate as of the moment.

The port has also been left useless in a military manner, as a coalition of port workers and ship-owners refuse to let any military vessel dock in the capital. Catherine's airport workers have closed off the airports to the air force, and protesters have seized control of the local air base, taking several military personnel hostage.

Under Fornirian law, the King is the Commander-in-Chief, although he must consult the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense in any "offensive operations" the military will face. Since this is just a simple transfer of soldiers, the King does not need to consult the PM, but the Minister of Defense has the right to veto such acts. The Minister of Defense and his deputy are on vacation, and with the civilian blockade, it is unlikely they'll go to Catherine and formally issue a veto immediately.

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