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The Global Chronicle: Comments and Questions


If you wish to comment on the Global Chronicle, do so here. If you would like to ask a question to the newspaper ICly, also do so here, but it must be in quotes("").


Your RP sucks by- *gets knocked out*


(10-23-2016, 10:10 PM)Hentail Wrote: Your RP sucks by- *gets knocked out*

Be constructive in your criticism. You don't see me shittalking your RPs.

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I'm clearly joking. Fonoire is putting a lot of effort and time into this, and I applaud him for that. If you can't tell that I'm joking, than oh well.


Bah! I should ban everyone and be done with it.

Please say so in the same post. Use a [ hr ] to reflect the clear difference in attitude, I just did it. Tongue

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