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Election Coverage - Eskaeba


"And to add to this year's manifesto, the Eskaeban Conservatives will push for an entry into the lucrative Artemian Union." 

These were the words used by Conservative leader Ioannis Stratos during his address at a Conservative rally in Vrosina, a long-standing Conservative stronghold. His party had finally conceded on the calls of its members to add an entry into the Artemian Union in its manifesto, in an attempt to pull in on-the-fence Labour and Crown Party voters to challenge the reign of Luscaris' Martios! party, who has won a majority in the Senate in the past four elections.

Many voters tuned into channel 109, where EL (Eskaeban Labour) leader Chara Leou and Greens leader Mikail Goulas hosted a televised debate on environmental issues. It marked the first time the Greens had been able to gather a large audience since Leonidas Livas gave his famous speech to thousands in Palimpela, where he scored a record 14.1% of the votes in the 1995 election, an unmatched Green high.

Luscaris was still beaming with confidence in his nationalist Martios! party. The Artemian Union had divided the Conservatives for years and they had never really recovered, losing a lot of their membership to Martios! when Stratos announced the party's stance on the Union. Luscaris had won the prior three elections by a margin of at least a million votes, and the streak showed no signs of stopping.


"Welcome to the ENN, where today usual programming is suspended to bring you 100% live coverage of the Eskaeban elections."

Running Candidates

Proclus Luscaris (Martios!)
Ioannis Stratos (Conservative)
Chara Leou (Labour)
Dimos Menas (Crown Party)
Mikail Goulas (Greens)

Electorate Size: 31,782,710
Registered Votes: 19,726,938
Turnout: 62.07%

"And the results are in: "

[Image: unknown.png]

Martios! | 49.08% - 9,681,981 votes
Labour | 22.76% - 4,489,851 votes
Conservatives | 18.18% - 3,586,357 votes
Crown Party | 7.74% - 1,526,865 votes
Greens | 2.24% - 441,883 votes


"ENN reports that Conservative leader Ioannes Stratos has stepped down after the party's worst performance since the 1960s."


"It is reported that Theodosius IV has been shot outside his palace by an unknown bystander, authorities and medical personnel are on the scene but it is unclear if the Basileus will make it out alive."

The Basileus was pronounced dead three minutes later, the killer was never apprehended. Theodosius died at the age of 57 and without an heir. His death would mark a major turning point in the politics of Eskaeba. An acting council headed by Luscaris has been sworn in temporarily.

"ENN has been made aware that the assassin was a rogue Republican, and strongly advocated against the monarchy. It is also understood that he is likely to have come from the Jokimli people in the West of Eskaeba."

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