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  World Society Conference on the Early Warning System of Artemis
Posted by: Evangelous Dimitriou - 05-30-2020, 07:32 PM - No Replies

World Society Headquarters, Messelia, Sartoria, 2132

A normal day for work, in the diplomatic center of Artemis. Diplomats, bureaucrats, public figures and more, scurrying about the many hallways and hundreds of conference room and offices. Perhaps an occasional shouting match as the passions of the few reach a high. Nothing was terribly out of place, and so a Septiman diplomat wandering around, looking for her correct room was nothing much to worry about.

What gives more food for thought is the content of the briefcase she held, and her mission here in Messelia on behalf of an entire world power. That of decades of space-related research and data, alongside several personally penned letters by Septiman leadership, with a goal of unifying dozens of early warning and detection satellites into a single harmonious system.
At last, the room revealed itself to her, and she unceremoniously entered. Offering an apology, she traveled to her seat, and began her set-up for the presentation.  Dozens of blurry images, predicted orbital trajectories, rows and rows of statistics concerning computers and their processing power. Intermittent handouts for a potential organization under the World Society. She came prepared, at least on paper, if not for the upcoming presentation as well.

“Again, I offer my apologies to the conference. My name is Szófia Fekete, Minister-Counselor within the Seven Republics' Mission to the World Society, and I am here today to present the case for consolidating all space-related early warning, search and track, and long-range detection satellites and radars into a single entity, under the overall supervision of the World Society. In addition, a case will be made for bringing all related computing systems under the same organization, to assist in the processing of all acquired data and produce a more efficient early warning system.”

A projector, set up in advance and now displaying a bland title screen, clicked, and revealed a map of Artemis, her moon Apollo, and the myriad collection of satellites operated by individual nations within the World Society. “This, as clearly labeled, is a collection of all non-military satellites currently operated by the member nations sitting in this room. Some of the information present on the table is a much more comprehensive look at all of them, if you are interested.”

“What the Seven Republics desires for an early warning system, more specifically, is to remove some of the administrative red tape and data delay between member nations, so that we are better equipped to detect and engage any potential threats to Artemis. It is no secret that our off-world counterparts are as space-capable as we are, if not moreso, and thus, it is becoming more and more necessary to be able to search for threats and know of them sooner.”

“The primary consideration for unifying the satellites is the different protocols in place for collecting data. This can be solved with a team sent to all satellites to perform reprogramming at their source, with member nation consent and assistance of course, and would be of great use to the secondary, and perhaps far more important component to the entire system: the computers that process all gathered data and generate orbital path predictions off of it.”

“A similar consideration exists in the form of protocol and operating systems, but just as well, there is simply not enough processing power currently used for early warning to match the data we are receiving. The pages on that topic are of course available in far greater detail on the table. The World Society, or at a minimum all nations not matching their data input, should without a shadow of a doubt be pouring far more resources into expanding their processing capabilities so that we can more accurately form a comprehensive defense picture for space threats.”

“That is the position of the Seven Republics. Are there any questions concerning the presentation?”

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  Regional Reform
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 09-29-2019, 10:58 PM - No Replies

[Image: Royal_Seal.png]

Regional Reform
Empire of Selene

Esteemed Selenids,

It has been over three years since our region was founded. Selene was an idea: a community where NationStates would remain, first and foremost, a game, where roleplaying would be a fun activity for all to share. Over the past couple of years, I cannot help but wonder if we have lost sight of that idea, and tried to become something that we are not.

We tried to become a standard Modern Tech region, but in so trying we stopped being fun, exciting and unique. What fun is there in roleplaying in a world much like our own, without added incentives, wiggle room for creativity or hardly anything to set us apart from others? We must be honest with ourselves and admit that there is much for improvement, but also much opportunity for renewal and future success.

I have consulted with the Prime Minister over the past few days, let alone few weeks, and we have come to the conclusion that profound change is needed, on a scale not seen since the first year of this region. To that effect, I would like to announce some changes:
  1. The Privy Council is dismissed. They have my deepest thanks for their long service to the region, and I hope they will remain in Selene and help in the work to remake it.
  2. Parthenopias and Sizhou are appointed Privy Councillors for Roleplay Reform, and will be tasked with the arduous work of remaking the region, though always with the input of its members.
  3. In the spirit of the change that will sweep the region, all letters patent are rescinded, with the exception of titles held by the Emperor or the Crown Prince.
  4. Corpus Juris will remain the law of the region, though some changes to its other chapters, especially Chapters IV and V, should be expected.
For a more formal version of these decisions, please refer to Royal Order 1901.

With that announcement out of the way, I would like to go into detail on the changes that we can all expect moving forwards:
  1. The Map of Artemia, and all accompanying history, will be voided.
  2. Selene will cease to be a Modern Tech region; instead we will transition to Post-Modern Tech.
  3. There will be two habitable planets. One planet will host the human species. The other planet will host three species, two of which will be playable.
Specifics on just how "post-modern" our tech level will be, how the solar system will work and which how participation and plots will work will be forthcoming. I hope we can, in due time, involve everyone in this discussion, but I also hope we all understand that some decisions will have to be made by the Privy Council, in order to ensure an orderly transition.

If all goes well, I would hope to enact these changes no later than December. Until then, please do share your thoughts on these proposed changes, and your ideas on how to make them work for the region in general, and for each of you in particular.

Justinian Kalominos
Emperor of Selene

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  The Opetra Uprising
Posted by: Fornoire - 04-12-2019, 06:36 PM - Replies (1)

Opetra, Duchy of Vordeis
Kingdom of Ardinat

The people of Vordeis were an oppressed minority. Always discriminated, their traditions were viewed by Ardinat as inferior, and their ancient religion as forbidden. But they had enough of the tyranny over the centuries.

In the 19th century, the Vordeis revolted many, many times. At the last revolt, the Ardinatans were so brutal that the people remembered that and never rose up again. Ardinatan rule here is more dystopian than in the rest of the country, which itself suffers under an almost orwellian regime. But now, they will never forget.

“...We are good to go. Our leader has affirmed our event”

This was the spark of the revolt. An uprising to change everything.

The rebels rose up and took the town of Opetra in the western Vordeis. The surrounding villages, also filled with secret rebel cells, followed suit and revolted.

The Opetra Uprising had begun.

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  Kapelgian Archipelago Treaty
Posted by: Tek - 04-09-2019, 01:37 PM - No Replies

Representatives from Kapel and Vallen met today to ratify the Kapelgian Archipelago Treaty. The ceremony, held in the Kapelgian capital of Belarion, marks the creation of a political and economic alliance between the two countries.

The negotiations for what would become the treaty began in the closing days of the Second Kalve War. Kapelgian nationalists sought to ally the newly independent Kapelgian state with Vallen, to protect against future Akarusian threats. Negotiations in the following months would see the scope of the treaty expanded into its present form.

Major points from the Kapelgian Archipelago Treaty include:

  • The establishment of a mutual defense pact between the signatories of the treaty.
  • Recognition of the 1922 Armistice Line as the formal border between Kapel and Vallen. Both nations agree to renounce any territorial claims on the other.
  • The creation of a customs union and free trade area between the signatories of the treaty.
  • The establishment of open borders between the signatories, allowing freedom of movement between them. This move is particularly aimed at reducing ethnic tensions in the divided Kalve region.
  • The establishment of joint regulation and coordination on the extraction of oil and gas in the Kapelgian Archipelago.
Akarus remained notably excluded from the negotiations, despite several major parties expressing interest in joining. There have been many calls from both Kapel and Akarus to re-establish an economic union between them, to mitigate the political and economic turmoil between the two countries in the aftermath of Kapelgian independence last year. Kapel has seen a large influx of Akarusian refugees and migrants amidst the conflicts, and both nations have experienced economic difficulties following the sudden separation of the nation's markets. 

Official statements from Kapel and Vallen claim now is not the time for Akarus' inclusion in the union, citing the nation's ongoing political instability.

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  Emperors of Eskaeba
Posted by: Pricey - 03-28-2019, 12:35 PM - No Replies


Theodosius I Psellus "the Almighty" (1404-1442)
Constantine I Psellus (1442-1449)
Constantine II Psellus (1449-1471)
Constantine III Psellus (1471-1497)
Gregorius I Psellus (1497-1509)
Calixtus I Psellus "the Weak" (1509-1513)

Throne usurped by rebels


Mercurius I Vatatzes (1513-1530)
Mercurius II Vatatzes (1530-1540)
John I Vatatzes (1540-1559)
Michael I Vatatzes (1559-1581)
Michael II Vatatzes (1581-1607)
Michael III Vatatzes (1607-1643)
Theodosius II Vatatzes (1643-1675)
Constantine IV Vatatzes (1675-1681)

Constantine IV dies heirless, Eskaeban Civil War (1681-1686) ensues


Eulalius I Bardas (claimed) (1681-1683)
Constantine V Zimisces (claimed) (1681-1684)
Ambrosius I Glycas (claimed) (1681-1686)


Michael IV Diogenus "the Warrior" (1681-1712)
Michael V Diogenus "the Fearless" (1712-1755)
Michael VI Diogenus "the Pious" (1755-1790)

Danaeism adopted as state religion under Michael VI (1757)

Sergius I Diogenus (1790-1797)
Constantine V Diogenus (1797-1812)
Constantine VI Diogenus (1812-1844)
Gregorius II Diogenus (1844-1867)
Volusius I Diogenus (1867-1882)
Constantine VII Diogenus (1882-1888)

Constantine VII dies at the age of 21 from disease, heirless, cousin claims throne


Theodosius III Theikos (1888-1903)
John II Theikos (1903-1917)
John III Theikos (1917-1936)
John IV Theikos (1936-1956)
Michael VII Theikos (1956-1994)
Theodosius IV Theikos (1994-2019)
Michael VIII Theikos (2019-)*

Theodosius IV dies heirless, acting Crown Advisor Proclus Luscaris usurps throne


Proclus I Luscaris (2019-)**


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  A Pretender Rises (Eskaeban Civil War Thread)
Posted by: Pricey - 03-28-2019, 12:06 PM - Replies (21)

Michael Theikos looked out of the tall window of his palace, looking down onto the parade of citizens swarming into Andronikos Square in downtown Vetranopolis. The city had just received the word of the Basileus' assassination, and also of Luscaris' ascension to power. The city (and the south of Eskaeba, for that matter) had always despised Luscaris, his politics, and everything he stood for. 

Michael turned and faced the exquisite marble craftsmanship of Neptune in his foyer, as Theodosius' cousin, he now had a decision to make, but he couldn't bring himself to a unanimous decision.

He summoned his butler, a long and trustworthy friend of Michael's, and asked him.

"Well, I do believe you have a valid claim to the throne, my good S-"


[Image: edwardii.jpg]
Proclus I Luscaris

The screams of the news boy sprinting down the street rung in the ears of Michael, he had to contest the throne to prevent the country from devolving into a brutal authoritarian regime. The now-titled Basileus Proclus I announced his coronation date to be two weeks away, in the centre of Palimpela.

Michael ordered his butler to fetch his guard, and all available volunteers to his cause. Around 30,000 active military personnel had sworn fealty to Proclus after his succession, while Michael only had his guard of 200, well trained albeit, but not enough.

[Image: king-willem-i.jpg]
Michael VIII Theikos

He broadcast his message far and wide, targeting districts who voted for Labour or the Crown Party during the election. He styled himself as Michael VIII Theikos and officially laid claim to the Eskaeban throne, challenging Proclus' claim. Thus began the second Eskaeban Civil War.

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Information Election Coverage - Eskaeba
Posted by: Pricey - 03-27-2019, 02:09 PM - No Replies

"And to add to this year's manifesto, the Eskaeban Conservatives will push for an entry into the lucrative Artemian Union." 

These were the words used by Conservative leader Ioannis Stratos during his address at a Conservative rally in Vrosina, a long-standing Conservative stronghold. His party had finally conceded on the calls of its members to add an entry into the Artemian Union in its manifesto, in an attempt to pull in on-the-fence Labour and Crown Party voters to challenge the reign of Luscaris' Martios! party, who has won a majority in the Senate in the past four elections.

Many voters tuned into channel 109, where EL (Eskaeban Labour) leader Chara Leou and Greens leader Mikail Goulas hosted a televised debate on environmental issues. It marked the first time the Greens had been able to gather a large audience since Leonidas Livas gave his famous speech to thousands in Palimpela, where he scored a record 14.1% of the votes in the 1995 election, an unmatched Green high.

Luscaris was still beaming with confidence in his nationalist Martios! party. The Artemian Union had divided the Conservatives for years and they had never really recovered, losing a lot of their membership to Martios! when Stratos announced the party's stance on the Union. Luscaris had won the prior three elections by a margin of at least a million votes, and the streak showed no signs of stopping.


"Welcome to the ENN, where today usual programming is suspended to bring you 100% live coverage of the Eskaeban elections."

Running Candidates

Proclus Luscaris (Martios!)
Ioannis Stratos (Conservative)
Chara Leou (Labour)
Dimos Menas (Crown Party)
Mikail Goulas (Greens)

Electorate Size: 31,782,710
Registered Votes: 19,726,938
Turnout: 62.07%

"And the results are in: "

[Image: unknown.png]

Martios! | 49.08% - 9,681,981 votes
Labour | 22.76% - 4,489,851 votes
Conservatives | 18.18% - 3,586,357 votes
Crown Party | 7.74% - 1,526,865 votes
Greens | 2.24% - 441,883 votes


"ENN reports that Conservative leader Ioannes Stratos has stepped down after the party's worst performance since the 1960s."


"It is reported that Theodosius IV has been shot outside his palace by an unknown bystander, authorities and medical personnel are on the scene but it is unclear if the Basileus will make it out alive."

The Basileus was pronounced dead three minutes later, the killer was never apprehended. Theodosius died at the age of 57 and without an heir. His death would mark a major turning point in the politics of Eskaeba. An acting council headed by Luscaris has been sworn in temporarily.

"ENN has been made aware that the assassin was a rogue Republican, and strongly advocated against the monarchy. It is also understood that he is likely to have come from the Jokimli people in the West of Eskaeba."

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  SRA World Autosport Championship Results and News
Posted by: Qastari - 03-24-2019, 12:34 AM - Replies (4)

OOC: Anyone is free to make in-character posts here*. I will mostly be posting results and announcing changes or new events. Direct OOC posts to Comments on The International I guess cause I don't wanna make another OOC comment thread.

*Obviously must be relevant.

From the official wiki: The World AutoSport Challenge (stylized as WASC) is a grand touring car racing series that began in 2018. The World AutoSport Challenge is an adaption of the Sizhouan AutoSport Championship (Sìzhōu Qìchē Yùndòng Jǐnbiāosài, 四州汽车运动锦标赛) referred to as the SQY Championship, renamed in 2018 after a January 2017 Sizhouan National People's Assembly vote to introduce the first international racing championship in it's class.

Additional info, full race Calendar, and excruciatingly detailed descriptions/images of each class can be found at the linked wiki. Also, my full methodology, skill and result sheets, etc can be found in my signature again with stupid amounts of detail and description if you really wish to see that.

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  War Upon the Waves
Posted by: Parthenopias - 02-25-2019, 10:48 AM - Replies (2)

Sea of Baal
Flagship Aegion

Commodore Artos was a man of few words. His stoic expression and dedication to the nation and his men was legendary among the fleets. He had passed up promotion twice much to the ire of the politicians in Troea. He preferred the position he had. The life on the seas was what called him to the navy many years prior and one that he didn't want to lose by becoming one of the bureaucratic admirals. Besides the Aegion was his ship and one he was not willing to just give up any time soon.

After putting on his uniform and heading to the mess for a cup of coffee he headed to the bridge. CIC would be second on his list to get some operational intelligence but the bridge would be first because he wanted to see the ocean for himself. Nothing reassured him like the ocean did, well that is other than his wife Leya. The woman wanted him to take the promotion so he could be back home with her and see their children more often. He would have if it was fifteen years prior when they were still actually adolescents and not the grown adults they were now. Regardless he sympathized with her wish to see one another more. That would in fact be the only thing Artos missed while away.

The Group was made up of three task forces with the flagship Aegion and her escorts forming the core. In all there were twenty five ships including five non-combat vessels to support the group’s supply needs along with one medical ship. A storm had caused a couple destroyers to be forced out and away from the formation. As of his quick briefing in the mess he had been informed they would rejoin the formation within a couple hours. One had minor issues with their engine they needed to fix which had delayed their rejoining. The second ship had rendered that one assistance.

“Officer on deck,” The room stood to attention till he waved his hand. Artos really didn’t like that overall believing it to be somewhat archaic.

“Status of the destroyers?” the question was directed at his second in command, Commander Litos murmured to a junior officer next to her before answering the Commodore’s question.

“Captain Verros of the Pelas reported in a half hour ago that they were on schedule to rejoin the fleet by this afternoon. He has noted that the communication system on the Dorion is down and will need to be repaired by our fleet tender once they rejoin the rest of us.” Artos scowled a bit as he did rather despise the situation but was glad that the Captain of the Pelas had rendered assistance to the Dorion.

“Any issues with IA vessels? We should be entering their nominal controlled area within a few hours I imagine.” Artos stated. The truth to the matter was that Parthenopian naval ships weren't exactly the most welcome in the Sea of Baal. The Cold War had been raging for decades and tensions were high due to several recent issues, not least the issues between Ara’den and Parthenopias.

“No sir,” the response was quick and orderly. Then came the muffled din of a distant explosion. At first Artos thought it was something else, then the room jumped to life as a distress signal was received from the Pelas.

“Under attack… unknown vessel… significant damage… Dorion lost… Ne-” the signal cut out followed by what sounded like another explosion.

“General quarters! Status report on the other ships? Get a rescue flight in the air now!” Artos barked. Crew scrambled about doing their jobs. The situation was tense. Two destroyers in unknown condition, the integrity of the fleet could be compromised and whether or not there were survivors was also in question. “Bring the fleet about and head to the last known coordinates of the two destroyers. Also send a communication to Fleet Command and let them know the situation.”

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  Tyche IV
Posted by: Justinian Kalominos - 01-23-2019, 08:46 AM - Replies (2)

23 January 2019
Department of Media Relations

USA Confirms Ideal Conditions for Tyche IV Launch

[Image: T1lBPhf.png]

Artistic rendering of the AUSS Periphas in Lunar Orbit.

USA has confirmed that the latest weather reports are ideal for the launch of Tyche IV, the Artemian Union’s manned lunar mission. A recent report from the Department of Artemian Science expects clear skies and favourable weather for the morning of January 25.

In today’s media update, Spokesman Giovanni Gentiloni said that USA has been keeping in close touch with the Parthenopian Space Agency and the Artemian Aerospace Administration, and that all three agencies believe that the moment is right to proceed with Tyche IV, despite earlier rumours that the mission could be delayed, either due to weather conditions or the need for further training and preparations.

Francesco Benedetto, Mission Commander and Commodore in the Aerospace Service, also delivered a brief statement at the end of the update, saying that his crew was in “good spirits and ready to help restore humanity’s place in the great cosmos”. Commodore Benedetto also thanked all those who had helped with the Tyche Project, including the building of Home Station One and the Periphas, which he lauded as “marvels of space architecture”.

Tyche IV is expected to launch from Launch Complex A, at the Parthenopian Space Centre, on January 25 at 09:55 SST.

[OOC] USA is the Sartorian Office for Aerospatial Development. Its name in Sartorian is Ufficio per lo Sviluppo Aerospaziale, hence USA.

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