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[Non-Canon] Updates on the Canartese Crisis

Meridia has outlawed torture in Canarto. Outraged Canartese civilians are protesting in the streets.

National administration buildings in Canarto are beginning to be attacked by furious Canartese protesters. Representatives of the national bureaucracy are calling for martial law.

The Kareguist priesthood is outraged, calling on "all the Canartese faithful to fight for the restoration of the will of the Gods". Experts say that this may bolster Canartese resistance to the new changes.

[Image: x4eVXk9.png]

(Non-Canon) BREAKING: Canartese Government calls for "resistance against the Florenzei devils"

[Image: CcZnGJg.jpg]
Canartese riot police are obeying Meridian orders, but many expect that a substantial amount of them will defect soon, forcing Meridia to bring in security personnel from other regions.

Canarto, Meridia - An outraged Canartese public has been whipped up in a frenzy, after the central government outlawed the region's practice of torture for rapists.

Stocks are on meltdown, with the National Stock Exchange of Meridia (NSEM) falling 3.5% on the first ten minutes the move was announced.

What's happening at the moment?

Riots in Canarto are quickly becoming widespread, as beyond furious demonstrators are attacking offices of the national bureaucracy. Non-Canartese employees are reported to either have fled, or being held hostage by rioters.

The Meridian Cabinet has convened an emergency session, and Congress has also called for one. The Senators and Delegates of Canarto have refused to attend in protest.

It is reported that the Meridian government is debating three options:
- Back down and allow Canartese torture once more,
- Activate all riot police forces available to subdue the riots in Canarto,
- Or, go further and declare martial law, arresting the Canartese leadership, and attempt to secure the region by military force.

It is clear that the Canartese government will not cooperate. The First Minister of the region has defied national directives to directly order the people to stand down, instead imploring on them to "fight against the Florenzei devils". Many experts fear that the regional security forces and Canartese troops will defect and refuse Florenzei's orders.

Observers also fear that a wave of assassination attempts, riots, terrorist attacks, and more might soon make their appearance. Social media users are calling the government "crazy for allowing this to happen", and movement in the capital is gradually slowing, as some Florenzites lock themselves at their homes, fearing a terrorist attack.

It is unclear what will specifically happen, but what is clear is that the violence will only continue.

The head of the Canartese Regional Police Force (CRPF) has ordered all riot police to "stand down and disengage"

Meridia is reportedly preparing to move in thousands of riot police into Canarto to retake national buildings in the region.

Calling it the "National Action", thousands of non-Canartese riot police have been bused into the region, repelling protesters in occupied buildings and "re-establishing the general order"

Battles between rioters and riot police continue. In some Canartese cities, protesters have fired at police with guns.

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