Attack on Basile School; Governor Deploys Special Division

Regù. Governor Stefano Boldiano of the Commonwealth of Tavoletro declared a curfew tonight, after unknown attackers took hostage and killed children at the historic Alberto Basile School and subsequently engaged the Finestreri on the streets of the capital.

At 15:30 BST an unknown number of attackers entered Basile School and took hostage as many as 54 children, along with their teachers, who had been rehearsing for a school play. While Finestreri took positions outside the building, negotiations were held with the attackers, but they were unfruitful, and the confrontation finished when all 54 children were reportedly murdered. Officials have repeatedly refused to disclose the manner in this happened.

Shortly after this, an additional number of attackers engaged the Finestreri from behind, allowing the attackers inside Basile School to escape. This started a confrontation on the streets of Regù, which lasted over 3 hours. Eventually 23 attackers were killed, as well as 7 Finestreri and 12 civilians, who were killed amidst the chaos resulting in the open fight on the street.

At least 20 additional attackers managed to escape. While Finestreri kept pursuing them, sources close to the Tavoletran Government indicate that the manner in which the children were killed led Governor Boldiano to determine that a much stronger police presence was needed.

He announced at 22:00 BST an immediate curfew over the entirety of Regù and the deployment of the Special Division of the Finestreri to aid in the capture of the attackers. As the curfew was gradually enforced, several shots were reported by several Regulani, and there have been at least two unconfirmed reports of explosions near the Basile School.

The Byzantium Herald has reached out to Governor Boldiano for comments on the curfew and the increased police presence, but his office is yet to respond at the time of publication.

Philippo Sisko

Philippo Sisko is a student of Selenid Literature at the University of Byzantium and Junior Reporter for Domestic and International News at The Byzantium Herald.

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