Our regional forum is where map applications are processed, the bulk of our roleplaying takes place and our members interact with each other.

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Our regional newspaper, called The Byzantium Herald, is where news and opinion pieces from all around the world are posted.

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Our regional chat is where our members often meet to talk in real time, coordinate roleplays and overall just spend a good time with each other.

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Since 1993

Welcome to Selene!

Selene was founded in 16 February 2016 as a region dedicated to the idea of a friendly roleplaying community, where members would have the ability to forge close friendships and build exciting new worlds.

Over the past year we have established a regional map, formed a small regional government and consolidated a community that relies on cooperation and quality roleplaying.

It has not been easy, and there is still much to do, not only to ensure that our current members feel involved, but also so our future members find a welcoming environment, but this is a challenge that we will gladly face.

As you browse this website and learn more about our region, rest assured that you will find a leadership happy to answer all your questions, and community ready to embrace you as a partner and friend.


Justinian Kalominos


Justinian Kalominos