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[GIS] Mordka


[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
The Republic of Mordka
Nation in Selene: Mordka | Plot Code: V.23

I, bsmit774, hereby certify in my capacity as representative of the The Republic of Mordka that the following information submitted for the Global Information Survey is true to the best of my knowledge and faithfully reflects the current situation of Mordka. I further confirm that I have full authority to engage with the the Stellar Council and will correct any information found to be missing or inaccurate.

A. Overview

• Full Country Name: The Republic of Mordka

• Short Country Name : Mordka

• Date of Foundation: 27/5/1975

• Internet Top Level Domain: mo

• Capital City: Marshal City

• Largest City: Marshal City

• Demonym: Mordkan

B. Government

• Head of State: Grand Marshal Russel Rokoric

• Head of Government: Grand Marshal Russel Rokoric

• System of Government: military dictatorship

• Power Structure: Unitary

• Legislature: N/A

• Highest Court: N/A

• Voting: N/A

• Minimum Voting Age: N/A

C. People and Society

• Population: 3.50 billion

• Life Expectancy: 45

• Literacy Rate: 70%

• Direction of Traffic: Left

• Capital Punishment: Legal and used

• Abortion: Illegal

• Marriage Equality: Illegal

• Healthcare System: Non-existent

• Religion: Religion is banned

• Languages Spoken: Trevescan is the official languages but is unknown what other ones are spoken

• Most Populated Cities: 1: Marshal City 2: Mordon City 3: Kongor City

• Demographic Composition: 100% Human (other species are banned)

D. Economy

• Gross Domestic Product: 23 trillion

• Currency: dollar

• Inflation Rate: 2.35%

• Unemployment Rate: 2.15%

• Poverty Rate: 4.47%

• Industries: 1: Arms Manufacturing 2: Iron Mining 3: Oil Extraction 4: Information Technology 5: Silver Mining

E. Military

• Military Expenditure: 4%

• Military Service: Mandatory

• Active Personnel: 1%

• Reserve Personnel: 5%

• Service Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force,

F. Space

• Colonisation Policy: State-Sponsored

• Fleet Policy: State-Owned

• Space Expenditure: 1.50%

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