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[GIS] Siranthirion

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[Image: WF4nfDK.png]
Global Information Survey
Hauyna Siranthirion
Nation in Selene: Qastari | Plot Code: S.33

I, Qastari, hereby certify in my capacity as representative of the Hauyna Siranthirion that the following information submitted for the Global Information Survey is true to the best of my knowledge and faithfully reflects the current situation of Siranthirion. I further confirm that I have full authority to engage with the the Stellar Council and will correct any information found to be missing or inaccurate.

A. Overview

• Full Country Name: Hauyna Siranthirion

• Short Country Name : Siranthirion

• Date of Foundation: XX/XX/27 BFC

• Internet Top Level Domain: SR

• Capital City: Tal Caedirin

• Largest City: Tal Caedirin

• Demonym: Siranthai

B. Government

• Head of State: Eil Es Alatar

• Head of Government: Eil Es Alatar

• System of Government: Democratic Tribal Confederacy

• Power Structure: Federal

• Legislature: Hauyrili Council

• Highest Court: Hauyrili High Judiciary

• Voting: Compulsory

• Minimum Voting Age: 20

C. People and Society

• Population: 205,000,000

• Life Expectancy: 107

• Literacy Rate: 99

• Direction of Traffic: Right

• Capital Punishment: Legal and used

• Abortion: Legal (for any reason)

• Marriage Equality: N/A

• Healthcare System: Universal

• Religion: Lunysticism 85%, Cult of Ascension 17%. Atheism 12%. Lunysticism and the Cult of Ascension are not mutually exclusive religions and there is a degree of crossover between them.

• Languages Spoken: Sila Caedri

• Most Populated Cities: TBD

• Demographic Composition: 90% Caedri, 7% Lysean, 3% Human

D. Economy

• Gross Domestic Product: 81 trillion

• Currency: Neri

• Inflation Rate: 1.25%

• Unemployment Rate: 7%

• Poverty Rate: 11.03%

• Industries: Automation technology, Military production, Cybernetic Research, Spacecraft research, Luxuries

E. Military

• Military Expenditure: 3.95%

• Military Service: Mandatory (alternative service allowed)

• Active Personnel: .95%

• Reserve Personnel: 4.25%

• Service Branches: Regulars, Alsiy Corps, Technician Corps, Navy, Skyfleet, Starfleet

F. Space

• Colonisation Policy: State-Sponsored

• Fleet Policy: State-Owned

• Space Expenditure: 4.5%

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Note on GDP, Military Funding, and Space Funding
Due to several factors, GDP is relatively deflated relative to actual economic activity and Military & Space expenditure is relatively inflated due to the nature of that economic activity, along with the heavy influence of automation on Siranthai industry. GDP is treated here more as representative of the total value of Industrial production, research, services, etc, as the national currency is primarily only used between localities, provinces, and other states. This renders some industries concerned only with finances themselves irrelevant to the economy, and makes military and space expenditure appear relatively inflated when compared to most human or irl economies.

Information about Sizhou
ShowSizhou Global Information Survey

1. Official Name: Socialist Republic of Sìzhōu (Sìzhōu Shèhuì Zhǔyì Gònghéguó)
2. Short Name: Sìzhōu
3. Date of Foundation: December 20th, 1975
4. Surface Area (km2): 1,411,301
5. Internet Top Level Domain: .srs
6. Capital City: Hǎijīng
7. Largest City: Hǎijīng


1. Head of State: Chairman Nakhan Kendri
2. Head of Government: Premier Lin Lafang
3. System of Government: Socialist Republic
4. Power Structure: Federal
5. Name of Legislature (NA if not applicable): National People's Assembly
6. Name of Highest Court (NA if not applicable): Sìzhōuan People's Court
7. Voting (Compulsory or Voluntary): Voluntary
8. Minimum Voting Age: 18


1. Population: 296,373,210
2. Life Expectancy: 80
3. Literacy: 99%
4. Direction of Traffic: Right
5. Capital Punishment: Legal federally*
6. Abortion: Legal
7. Religions: 57% Atheist, 43% Other
8. Marriage Equality: Legal**
9. Healthcare System: Univeral/single payer
10. Languages Spoken: Sizhouan/other
11. Most Populated Cities (3): Hǎijīng, Zhōngshi, Zàisēnlín


1. Gross Domestic Product: S/ 2,400,623,001,000
2. GDP per capita: S/ 8,100
3. Currency: Zhùyì
4. Inflation: 1.5%
5. Unemployment: 6%
6. Poverty: 9.8%
7. Industries: Arms manufacturing, Manufacturing, Uranium, Oil


1. Military Expenditure (% of GDP): 2%
2. Conscription: Yes
3. Active Personnel: 410,000
4. Reserve Personnel: 1,850,00
5. Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Militia

*I'm not sure if this asterisk is need, but by this I mean lower courts do not have the authority to practice capital punishment
**Sìzhōuan marriage law does not make any specific distinction or reference to sex or gender
***This includes citizen militia troops which are only called to service during wartime, and also serve as local law enforcement
SRA World Autosport Challenge; Roster, Events and Results
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Your Internet TLD is already taken by the Seven Republics.

Let's fill out the TBD sections, and get this application approved.

Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

ShowExtra Information
Evangelous "Vangelis" Dimitriou
Co-Founder of Selene | Contact him here

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As I talked to Justinian about , Internet TLD is not exclusive across both worlds but is to each planet individually. As such Sirathirion may use this TLD due to the two world's internets not being shared by the worlds.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know! 
Prime Minister of Selene, RP Councillor and WA Delegate.


I am going to go ahead and APPROVE this GIS as is, knowing that the TBD for most populous cities and month/day portion of the Foundation Date are both more flavor than anything else.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know! 
Prime Minister of Selene, RP Councillor and WA Delegate.

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