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The Opetra Uprising

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Opetra, Duchy of Vordeis
Kingdom of Ardinat

The people of Vordeis were an oppressed minority. Always discriminated, their traditions were viewed by Ardinat as inferior, and their ancient religion as forbidden. But they had enough of the tyranny over the centuries.

In the 19th century, the Vordeis revolted many, many times. At the last revolt, the Ardinatans were so brutal that the people remembered that and never rose up again. Ardinatan rule here is more dystopian than in the rest of the country, which itself suffers under an almost orwellian regime. But now, they will never forget.

“...We are good to go. Our leader has affirmed our event”

This was the spark of the revolt. An uprising to change everything.

The rebels rose up and took the town of Opetra in the western Vordeis. The surrounding villages, also filled with secret rebel cells, followed suit and revolted.

The Opetra Uprising had begun.


Chaleúr Villa, outskirts of Roitálę, Kingdom of Ardinat

"We have just received word that the commander has been defeated"

The person knew what must be done.

"...His incompetence in this battle will suffice for his sacking. The rebellion should be spreading by now. Make sure that Lady General Annelíssę of Savéin is in charge of the overall campaign. It must be done"

"As you wish"

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