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A Pretender Rises (Eskaeban Civil War Thread)

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2nd Congress of the Grand Assembly of Ceredonians        
Grand Hall of Ceredonia                                                                                                                                
Golzemia, Ceredonia

The 2nd Congress was initially scheduled to convene on the 11th, but Sizhouan's offer of aid was urgent enough for Gavrilović to call in the Grand Assembly. Ceredonia had suffered major setbacks to the furvour and morale of the Ceredonian population after they were badly defeated at Durmarë the previous day. Another advance by the North was imminent and the scattered militia forces of Ceredonia had no real way to counter it. The motion was tabled by Gavrilović himself, and the debate began:

As per usual, controversial Minister Obren Andrić was first to rise from his seat.

"Again, the President is adamant that our great nation requires foreign aid and assistance to win this war. I believe that, with proper organisation and the correct devotion of resources, that Ceredonia and the Ceredonian peoples can break free from the reigns of terror it is currently so deeply enshrouded in. We saw what happened on the 6th of April, when the President hightailed it to the South and negotiated with our enemies! Why should we stand for such traitorous behaviour? My friends, I call upon you to reject this motion of aid, we have endured enough foreign involvement from the South and the North, and the aid from Sizhou will only complicate and confuse."

Andrić took his seat again, waiting for the next Minister to arise and begin.

But, as if some sort of déjà vu of the day before, Gavrilović stood up and began his own rebuttal.

"I appreciate your concerns, Great Minister, of the independence of Ceredonia, but did you care to think of the innocent Ceredonian people who were, just yesterday, slaughtered on the battlefields of Durmarë? Do you think we could stand to such assault again? I imagine that the North are well aware that we are weak and struggling, and as much as nationalist fervour is positive for our great nation, it does not win wars. We are in desperate need of aid from our friends in Sizhou, and we should be welcoming their generous offer if not for Ceredonia, then for the cause of socialists around the world."

The voting began, the tension in the Grand Hall amassed, this vote would most likely decide the outcome of the Ceredonian War for Independence.

[Image: 2019-04-08-11-42-55-800733-11558219251614938532.png]

For: 29
Against: 11

Following the vote, President Gavrilović sent a private telegram to Sizhouan Premier Lafang accepting his offer of aid.

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]

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North Eskaeba

Proclus I announced today that conscription for the civil war would begin. Estimates of up to 150,000 extra personnel may enter the armed forces over the coming weeks. This announcement preceded a large spearhead offensive by Proclusite forces on the western border, that would see over 100,000 troops involved on all sides. The battle is still ongoing.

Operation Psellus (ongoing)

Date: 8 April 2019 - present
Location: Western Eskaeba
  • Battle of Elaza
  • Battle of Arakli
  • Rhea Landings
  • Battle of Corfini

48,800 military servicemen
10,070 conscripted servicemen
1,400 paratroopers
250 special forces
30 IFVs
23 MBTs

Casualties: 6,226 dead, 3,173 wounded, 16 MBTs destroyed, 7 IFVs destroyed


51,000 military servicemen
47 IFVs
40 MBTs

Casualties: 4.825 dead, 3,031 wounded, 7 IFVs destroyed, 5 MBTs destroyed

Result: Ongoing

(battle summary will be updated as the battle goes on)

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     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Elaza, Eskaeba

The first engagement of Operation Psellus occurred early on the morning of the 9th of April, when a Proclusite platoon of some 1,000 soldiers and a few AFVs ambushed a disorganised Michelite force just south of Elaza. The Proclusite soldiers were outnumbered almost 3-to-1, but with superior discipline, organisation and the element of surprise, they triumphed on the battlefield.

Battle of Elaza


1,000 military servicemen
3 AFVs

Casualties: 76 dead, 102 wounded


2,800 military servicemen

Casualties: 519 dead, 806 wounded

Result: Proclusite Victory

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     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Arakli, Eskaeba

The two opposing armies met today just after noon, in the plains. The battle would test grit, strength, determination and leadership with little external factors affecting the battle.

Battle of Arakli


11,900 military servicemen
19 Leopard 2A5 MBTs
9 FV-510 Warrior IFVs

Casualties: 4,070 dead, 1,450 wounded, 6 MBTs destroyed, 7 IFVs destroyed


17,600 military servicemen
18 Leopard 2A5 MBTs
7 Leopard 2A6 MBTs

Casualties: 2,900 dead, 970 wounded, 2 MBTs destroyed

Result: Michelite victory
  • Proclusite advance halted

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     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]

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Slivets, Ceredonia

The Ceredonian independence movement had been a shaky one. Sizhouan aid had today just arrived in the city of Slivets, near the front between the Ceredonians and the Proclusites, but the arrival only meant that the likeliness of an invasion had increased. The North had it in their best interests to deal with the nation before it became too strong, and the politics between the South and Ceredonian were held together extremely loosely by the Treaty of Gazia.

Several army camps were set up in some major cities and settlements near the advancing Proclusite forces, aimed at training the people in advanced guerilla tactics and providing basic military education. One such camp, the Zhao Zhe'shan Guerilla Camp, in Golzemia, is headed by Sizhouan guerilla experts, who were sent over along with the aid to assist in the war. It is estimated that the camps will be able to provide around 1,500 soldiers per week, provided there are enough volunteers for the cause.

However, the independence movement is not as noble as some may think, reports have come from Ceredonia (unverified) that the oppression and in some extreme cases torture of native Eskaebans has been ongoing since its foundation. The independent Eskaeban organisation EHRO (Eskaeban Human Rights Organisation) has filed a formal request to the Ceredonian government to conduct an investigation into these claims, and, if necessary, launch an enquiry into the government's involvement in this, and contact the appropriate international bodies to get it sorted.

It is estimated that around 600,000 of Ceredonia's 5.7 million people are of Eskaeban descent.

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Pirgos, North Eskaeba

Proclus and his advisors looked upon the runway at Pirgos as plane after plane landed upon the vast strip of tarmac, the supplies he had so desperately needed had finally arrived, he was grinning with delight. The war was now his to win. The Proclusite administration had been slightly demoralised after their surprise defeat at Arakli, which essentially halted their advance into the south and created a stalemate at the border. The people were also becoming more and more unsettled by the new conscription laws that had been set in. If Proclus was to win the war, he needed to win it soon.

Grand Hall of Ceredonia
Golzemia, Ceredonia

Today, President Gavrilovic reached out to Chancellor Lehardt of Adler in an official diplomatic telegram to ask for assistance in ensuring the independence of the Republic. While Sizhouan aid had come at a very welcome time, many Ministers of the Grand Assembly were sceptical as to whether it would be enough to fight off the two warring powers.

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]

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Basilica of St. Michael
Vrosina, North Eskaeba

Chancellor Aegon put his hands together in prayer, the Basilica looked even grander when he was there alone. The broken sunlight piercing through the stained glass windows of the church, the exquisite works of art that adorned the domed roof. He prayed for an end to this mess, he prayed for God to rescue the accursed souls of the belligerents. Aegon was an old, wise man, and he knew the consequences of such senseless bloodshed that would face the country post-war, and as he returned from his prayer, he clasped his vial of poison and drank it. He pledged his soul to God and made the ultimate sacrifice that he hoped would bring about the end of the conflict.

Rhea, South Eskaeba


The Proclusites had made use of their existing blockade of the Southern Eskaeban coast by making a successful naval landing near the ancient city of Rhea in South Eskaeba. The attacking force consisted of around 800 experienced marines, with a small garrison of around 50 soldiers defending the city. The capture of the city was a major victory for Proclus, as he could begin encircling Ceredonian forces in their own country.
Rhea Landings


800 marines
3 AAVs

Casualties: 2 dead, 19 wounded


50 garrisoned soldiers
3 fixed LMGs

Casualties: 4 dead

Result: Proclusite victory
  • Garrison at Rhea expelled

Corfini, South Eskaeba

More action came today from the southern front with another large battle taking place between the two main belligerents.
Battle of Corfini


23,900 military personnel
500 paratroopers
12 Leopard 2A5 MBTs

Casualties: 2,078 dead, 1,602 wounded, 10 MBTs destroyed


31,020 military personnel
32 IFVs
39 Leopard 2A5 MBTs

Casualties: 1,402 dead, 1,255 wounded, 7 IFVs destroyed, 3 MBTs destroyed

Result: Overwhelming Michelite victory
  • Proclusites pushed back to the original border

Proclus was furious at the sheer incompetency of his armies on the border compared to Michael's. Even though equipment from the Iron Axis had not yet made its way to the battlefield, they were getting outsmarted and demoralised at every corner by the armies of Michael. Proclus fired all of the generals involved in the battle, as well as the head of the armies. He also recalled most of the troops stationed in Ceredonia to the border to reinforce what was a weakening Proclusite army. He hoped he could lay siege to the port city of Idessos in the next few days to provide a good distraction to the Michelites. In reality, the armies of Michael were barely being fed proper rations, and were tired from constant ambushes by Michelite rogue platoons that kept them awake, it was all slowly ticking away at the morale of the army.

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     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Haseion Square
Palimpela, North Eskaeba

"These incompetent generals have sought to undermine our great state! For this, they shall pay the highest price, may God give mercy to your treasonous souls!"

Proclus bellowed from his podium at a public address in Haseion Square, the three generals fired previously were all tied with their backs to the wall. He looked visually tired, and he was acting extremely strange.

"This is what happens to cowards!"

Two gunmen behind fired on them, and the three generals dropped to the floor. Proclus was escorted back to his palace by his personal guard. It had marked the first execution for treason since 2002.

Back at the palace, advisors to the Basileus, including new Chancellor Gianni Panos, summoned him to an emergency gathering, concerning him.

"My good Lord, are you sure you are okay? You have been acting extremely strange lately." said Proclus' advisor and good friend Nikalaos, "This is very unlike you."

Proclus remained stern in the validity of his actions, and cited the importance of national unity over all else as a deciding factor in the executions. He pulled out a map of the front and barked orders to the new interim Chief General. Proclus had taken full power of the military when he fired his generals, and the Chief General was merely a servant to the commands of the Emperor. He demanded a full offensive to maintain dominance in the south, and ordered a full start to the siege of Idessos.

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Palace of Our Holy Saint
Palimpela, North Eskaeba

Proclus has called upon the nation of Wakoku to host peace talks between the warring states in the coming days. His call for peace is also backed by Ceredonian President Kosta Gavrilovic.

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]


Kyoma, Wakoku

The Eskaeba Civil War was officially brought to an end today as the belligerents of the war, plus the Duke of the newly-created buffer state of Kolbau, signed and ratified the Treaty of Kyoma, bringing about major changes in Eskaeban politics and also shifts in power. The South of Eskaeba proclaimed victory in the war.

Second Eskaeban Civil War
Date: 28 March 2019 - 13 April 2019 (16 days)
Location: Eskaeba
  • Battle of Nissos (28 March)
  • Battle of Bylleia (1 April)
  • Battle of Cape Cornelia (1 April)
  • Battle of Durmarë (7 April)
  • Battle of Elaza (8 April)
  • Battle of Arakli (9 April)
  • Rhea Landings (12 April)
  • Battle of Corfini (12 April)
Result: South Eskaeban victory
  • South Eskaeba annexes some borderlands
  • Empire of North Eskaeba disbanded
  • South Eskaeba degraded to Kingdom
  • Beginning of the North Eskaeban Provisional Republic
  • Independence of the Republic of Ceredonia
  • Creation of the Duchy of Kolbau as a buffer state
  • Borders set to 2019 Armistice Line
  • Treaty of Kyoma

     Basileus of Eskaeba               President of Ceredonia
        Proclus I Luscaris                         Kosta Gavrilović
  [Image: teliseri_state.png]         [Image: unknown.png]

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