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Map of Artemia


<p>How similar can my nation be to some of the other people's nations?<br></p>



Nation Name: Trinalone
Foreign Involvements and Aliases: None
Country Name: Atlantica
Plot Number: 165, 161, 158 (Was given permission to claim all 3)
Capital City: Saint Normandy
Additional Cities: Loyola, Lexington, Del Sol, Shinengen, Verde
Country Equivalent: Mexico (Area), Liberia (Early History), United States (Modern History, Culture)


Thank for such valuable information of Artemia map.


<p>MAP APPLICATION FORM<br><br>1. Nation Name: -Arcadia<br>2. Foreign Involvements and Aliases: ITALIA (as -Ausonia) and Greater Middle East (as -Hesperia)<br><br>3. Country Name: Arcadia<br>4. Plot Number: 172<br>5. Capital City: Thebes<br>6. Additional Cities:&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>[Image: Schermata-2019-10-13-alle-16-36-54.png]7.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Country Equivalent: Greece,&nbsp;Southern Italy&nbsp;<br></p>

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