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Zombie News


Never posted a thread before, but if your country is doing a whole zombie scenario, then post news about it here. (Kinda like flash news).


A surprisingly large flash mob of frightened readers of the "Half Life Collective" blog have gathered at the imperial palace demanding an answer to the "outbreaks" and "media cover ups." So far they have recived none.


To calm public fear, Emperor Cassius Zeno has realeased a statement saying: "All of The Righteous Empire's borders are closed to nations with reported viral outbreaks (Alassahra, Selene, and Sartoria) and ALL future nations to have outbreaks. Note that this doesn't mean The Empire is against said nations, but the populous' safety is our number one concern."


The only two soldiers and citizens from infected nations (both from Alassahra) we both killed in the siege of Neptunia. Officials reported that they acted strangely before the battle, and took multiple hits before going down. The bodies have been recovered, and this "virus" is being investigated by top scientists and engineers for quote: "Mass production of biological weapons." Details of said investigation are highly classified.


Fornoire has closed all borders, and all Fornirian soldiers in Alssahra have been left to suffer their fate. All foreigners have been expelled, and any infected ones have been killed by firing squad. If any were infected, the areas they were in will be quarantined, blockaded, and martial law will be declared in them.


Massive military movements are spotted moving towards Polin. At sometime yesterday, Polin was bombarded by the military. No replies was given by the government when questioned.


Several government buildings and hospitals throughout Sartoria, particularly in the eastern realms, are being barricaded. The sense of increasing unease is palpable.


The Fornirian Navy has fired upon various ships entering Fornirian waters without discrimination. The Army has also bombarded a district of the capital and declared it a quarantined zone, burning the district to the ground and building barricades around it, leaving 15,000 people to their fate. Any healthy citizens can go through the border between the district and the rest of the city, but they will be screened and quarantined in hospitals.

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