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Situation in Eraphalia


Below are documents and personnel narratives of the events transpiring in Eraphalia at current:
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October 28th, 2016
Polin, Eraphalia
Site Alpha

It was a rather cool day in Eraphalia, the winds timid and the temperature comfortable enough to not warrant thick clothing. Despite the events that transpired two days ago, life continued onwards the best it could. The children and teenagers relished their sudden luxury times, unconcerned with the events of the wide-world. As the youth relaxed and played with little to no concern, the adults murmured amongst themselves anxiously. Traffic was totally nonexistent as the city relayed new sudden lays banning private transportation. Some people snorted at that and attempted to drive, some even daring to attempt to drive out of the city, but each effort was halted. There were rumors that people were shot in the attempt of breaking the law. It's an unusual thing, very unusual enough to halt anyone with a rebellious heart.

There were many rumors abound, but not many gained traction. There were debates arguing what was exactly going on. Soon enough from the mix of confusion came out several theories. One of them... was the theory about zombies. At first, this was seen as a joke, but it gained traction. What else could there be? A infectious disease? As the debates raged on and the fear compounding on itself, some citizens started to gather and plot amongst themselves. One could only guess what they were doing.

In some areas, there were activity from the military. Those activities deviated from the normal containment procedures that the Eraphalian Army seemed to be taking. Large numbers of soldiers were deployed into neighborhoods, obscure areas, and even a couple of the hospitals. Their actions conveyed urgency as they stormed into areas with guns primed to fire. Anyone that protested against intrusions in their homes, into neighborhoods, into medical sites, were arrested on site. It became clearer and clearer that the military were taking more drastic actions as the days dragged on. 

One area, known simply as Site Alpha, was especially contained by the military and the police force. Above in the skies hovered helicopters scanning the area. On top of the rooftops of apartment buildings were infantry lined up, scanning the ground below for any sign of what they were doing. From periods of time, large streams of soldiers would enter into the site, each carrying equipment deviating from the norm. All-covering suits, gas masks, and extra ammunition. It was like there was a war zone being carried out at the site. 

The responses to this were the rumors of rebellion and the strengthening of ridiculous arguments. Logic seemed to start to shake as people grew more and more anxious. Their fears threatening to overwelm them, to take control of their thinking. They had to know what was going on. And, despite the comforting words from the government, so they gathered around Site Alpha. Citizens with curiosity clouding their minds. They had to know what was happening. The increasing urgent responses from the military only urged them forward. As they approached the borders of Site Alpha, they noted the stench of death and the sounds of gunshots. As they approached Site Alpha, a line of riot officers formed in front of the gathering crowd. 

As the military officials received word of the events that were transpiring, as the citizens started to take proactive steps, as the situation in Site Alpha started to expand beyond what was manageable, it started.


Site Alpha, Polin, Eraphalia
October 28th, 2016

Personal Account: Sergeant Parker

The military force deployed in Site Alpha was being pushed back, lines being curved outwards and outwards. The numbers were too great, too many. There seemed to be an endless wave of them, moving slowly forward, dragging their feet across the pavement. As each fell, another took its place. As the enemy drew closer, the soldiers started to panic. There were many of them, endless and endless. Even if the enemy is unable to inflict psychological terror themselves, they did it passively. Not many can last long watching as literal corpses made their way towards them. Not many could bear the hardships of pulling the trigger, especially not if at the end of a gun is what were the remains of a child.

Sergeant Parker was no different than any of his peers, any of his mates as he liked to refer them as. 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94 and so on. Each round fired, he took one off from his grand total. In the beginning, he started with three-hundred rounds and within an hour, he was down to only ninety of time. As each round was fired, he could only feel the tingles of fear running up his spine. For him, each round represented protection against the foe he was facing. It was the only thing stopping them from crawling forward, snapping and screeching. There was no way he could get close.

Focusing on the task on hand, he didn't realize something was amiss. His attention was blocked, covered by the cloud of despair. It was only until his radio started barking that he realized where he was. It was when the words were uttered that his heart stopped momentarily as he looked behind him.

"This is Hivelord over," the radio began its first repeat, "the situation has been compromised. All units are to immediately disengage and form up at individual stations. Al-... this is Hivelord! All units are to immediately pull back at once. Civilian breach at Sector A-E. This is Hivelord, containment has be-"

Whatever was being carried out was drown by the sounds of the living. One of his squadmates were the first to turn around, to look at what was behind them. In that instant, Sergeant Parker realized it was game over. He didn't even have to hear his fellow soldiers started to shout at the crowd behind him. He didn't even have to hear the civilians screaming. 

Even a fool could tell what transpired. Driven by the moments of idiocy, the civilians pressed forward, breaking the sensitive lines. By doing so, they cracked the egg and the yoke poured outwards. Drive onwards, the civilians met demise from both their fears and the military. Sergeant Parker huddled alongside his men in a square-formation, attempting to face the storm. With whatever last rounds they had left, they kept firing. At first, the zombies fell first, but then the civilians. The only thing the soldiers were concerned about at that last moment of their lives were to hold out. 

A flash of heat passed through Sergeant Parker's body. The winds picked up as everything went deaf for a moment. Then, he saw the zombies, the civilians, and even his own men be flattened against the ground. There was nothing but hell on Earth at that moment. As Sergeant Parker slowly got up, he listened in to his radio, his mind growing hazier and hazier. 

There was nothing, not even the static noise. Standing up with his last strengths, he looked up. There, at that moment, a jet flew by with a particular glinting object falling. Sergeant Parker didn't have to guess to know what was coming. The last thing he saw, before it landed, was the sight of death.

Site Alpha has fallen. All units are to retreat. Site Alpha has fallen over. Containment is a failure, I repeat, containment is a failure. We are withdrawing.


Polin, Eraphalia
October 28th, 2016
Unveiled in Flesh

Once Site Alpha fell, once the veil fell to the ground, Polin realized what was really occurring. It did not take long for the news of the undead to spread through the city like a wildfire, consuming everyone. The closest districts close to Site Alpha fell first, many of the citizens caught surprised. It didn't help escape was difficult with the large crowd of citizens already there. As people attempted to escape, they heard the screams of anguish fill the air. They could smell the stench of death, hear the crackling of the zombies, and see the devouring of their own peers.

Children first. That was the consensus of some citizens as large bands of children herded on by their parents moved across the city. They were guarded by the makeshift militia carrying weapons, guns, and supplies. Forming a circle around the children, the parents forced away anyone that attempted to close in the distance. Right now, they cannot trust anyone, not even close friends. They were united in one cause, to escape with their loved ones intact. 

Luck seemed to shine upon them as they approached a military checkpoint. The gates were opened, as if inviting freedom away from the city. As the band inched closer to the exit, the parents looked around to spot if anyone was there. The only thing they saw was a single man carrying a high rank, identified by a veteran in the group, saluting them. That was the only thing they needed before the band escaped the city. Moving unharmed.

Others were not lucky, such stories don't come often. In other places, the military enforced drastic martial law, forcing themselves to gun down the people they were suppose to protect. They had no other choice. Maintaining order was the only thing in their minds. From high command came the orders to hold the line, to hold back the tide as long as possible. And so they did, the soldiers cast away their humanity as they held the line. It didn't matter if they were pressed back against the walls, firing at the approaching horde with no means of escaping. It didn't matter if they had to shoot civilians attempted to escape. Nothing was going to leave the city alive. 

They were to hold, hold back the tide. They were forced to see humans torn apart by the undead, piece by piece. They held on as flesh were torn from bones. The military held on on quaking legs as the air force arrived. They held on as the city burned.


October 28th, 2016

The Evacuation

Argena-Hersa, the capital of Eraphalia, a beautiful large metrapolis that extends around the large river known as Erena and hugs the coastline, is a city of activity. Yet, it is quiet now. The roads are clear with a bountiful of military presence. Even the forces in Polin could not compare to the numbers located in Argena-Hersa. Guards posted at every intersection, large areas walled off, and armored vehicles patrolling the streets. It was a total lockdown, yet the soldiers felt uneased. There was no Site Alpha in Argena-Hersa, yet they felt anxious. The Fall of Polin wasn't an isolated news, it swept through the military ranks and it won't be long before the citizens hear about it. 

"Director sir," a general began as the leader of Eraphalia and several high-ranking generals crowded around in a meeting room, "as you may have heard, Polin has fallen. The military force there has been declared nonexistent except for several survivors. We of the Eraphalian High Command have been discussing about the possible actions that we may take. And... well Director, it may appear to us the only thing we can salvage from this is if we're to wipe the city from the map or to begin Operation Juna."

The lights flickered as the Director stared at the map, his fingers drumming against the wooden desk. The generals looked at each other, wondering what will happen next. Then, their attention focused back towards the Director as he looked up at the generals. There, at that moment, they could see the wisdom that laid within the Director, of the man that turned Eraphalia into a nation of pride and wealth.

"Gentlemen," the Director spoke calmly as he took out a single red pen, "If we are to destroy one of our cities, do you understand the repercussions? There are men and women still in Polin, fighting for their own survival. They are holding the creatures back. By nuking ourselves, we are wiping everything. Gentlemen, activate Operation Juna to full extend. We are redrawing the lines. Begin the movement, quickly. Even if they crawl, even if they drag themselves, even if they shamble towards us, they will reach us eventually. Dedicate everything to the new lines. It is not Argena-Hersa that we must concern ourselves over anymore. Tonight, our new capital will be the towns and cities that line the mountains."

The Director began circling each town and city that surround the great mountains west of Argena-Hersa and drew lines, "Gentlemen, we are to defend only what we can hold. Send several platoons to Polin to stem the tide, tell the surrounding towns to evacuate southwards. While Juna is being built, we will stop the undead here," the Director drew a line that glided across a river south of Polin, "and here," the Director drew another line to the west of Polin.

And on that day, the Eraphalian government unveiled their new plan. The destruction of Polin demonstrated the true potential of the zombie threat. On that day, the Eraphalian government took control of every industrial plant that exists in the country. Instead of toys and meaningless objects being produced out, only the tools of survival were produced and boxed. Instead of new buildings being erected, roads repaired, the Eraphalian industry set out to build Juna. And, in the mountains, so did Juna begin to form.


Polin, Eraphalia
October 29th, 2016

A Family of Five

The streets were filled with the staggering figures of the undead, filled with the ruins of buildings, and of blood and bodies. It was a desolate place where one can only hear the shifting movements, of the crude brutal walking, of the dead and their crackling. The survivors run from place to place, creating safehouses and scavenging for parts. Military outposts were popular places as civilians loot for weaponry. 

Polin is a far-cry of what it was weeks ago. Along the streets walked a single living soul. The glimmering symbol of the military still stitched proudly, even if battered, to the uniform. Watching every corner for activity, the soldier entered into a house slowly, minding the creaking floor. The tired eyes scanned the hallway as he entered into the household, his right hand gripping tighter on the pistol. It had been a while since he last slept. Sleeping right now is a treasure for anyone as it left them defenseless against what may be lurking. Not even civilians could be trusted.

Shifting slowly through the household, the soldier walked towards the kitchen room. Along the walls he noted of the pictures hanging. A father, a mother, two daughters, and a son. It was a typical family photo with smiling faces that would generally bring joy to people, but he could only grimace. Most likely, all five are dead right now, eaten or turned. The soldier lingered there longer than he should, taking in the picture before he realized the trails of blood. 

Tracing the trail of blood, the soldier slowly crept around the corner, his pistol ready. There is something in the house, he could feel it. The surrounding area indicates some struggling, thus it could be assumed civilians were battling an undead. The soldier stopped to a halt as he stared at the door with the blood below leading towards it. Slowly, his hand moved towards the door handle and twisted it. It wasn't locked. 

A large stream of light shot forward as the soldier turned on the flashlight attachment to his handgun and opened the door. Even if his mask was on, even if the filter was filtering out the smell, he could sense it. The stench that fills the air, that could bring a man down to his knees puking in disgust. With trembling movements, the soldier entered the room looking for anything. There, the soldier widened his eyes before glaring, his pistol raised and pointed forward. 

The tearing of flesh stopped there as a small figure hunched over turned slowly. The soldier noted of the torn arm attached to the undead. Pieces of flesh hanging outwards with what appeared to be wood splinters scattered in the flesh. The crackling of the figure, the bruised face looking at him. He could still see the traces of the young daughter around seven years old. He could see the remaining lines of the face, the innocent smiling of the child. 

The creature stood up roughly above its meal and started to shamble towards him. The soldier could only watch in horrified fascination before his eye turned to the remainders of the corpse. Around forty years old from what he could tell of the remainders. The size and physical structure indicated a man, most likely the father of the household. It was clear what happened in this room, especially considering the wreckage in the hallway. The remains of the man's arm indicated the father held onto his daughter... even if what was once his daughter was devouring him.

Ten feet, that was the distance between him and the young girl. In a swift motion, the soldier fired a precise shot and quickly left the room, not even caring to hear the thud of a body. He had to get out of the house. The door was busted open as the soldier stumbled outside. He felt sick and disgusted. Without even looking back or at the dead that began to form on the open street, the soldier ran.


Outskirts of Polin, Eraphalia
October 30th, 2016

And So They Fell

There were loud bursts of machine-gun fire as the military held off the approaching hordes that were slipping out of Polin and the towns surrounding it. What is a reminiscence of old wars, the army formed all around Polin, circling it off. There were tactical maneuvers, drawing the horde to key areas and introducing the dead to kill-zones where they'll be mowed down by machine-gun fire. From time to time the Eraphalian airforce would bring in CAS elements to eliminate vast swaths of the dead. 

It has been an hour since the operation had started and the piles of corpses started to pile higher and higher. There were times when the Eraphalian lines seemed to shift, but nonetheless the brave defenders held on. Yet not all were good news as along the lines were incidents that would press themselves hard against the minds of the soldiers. They saw groups of survivors attempting to escape, closing in on the soldiers. They saw them run with hope in their eyes and that is when everything went horribly wrong. 

Not even once would those victims think their own countrymen would turn on them. Not even when the soldiers began opening fire, not even when the bullets started to pierce through flesh. There were massacres of innocent civilians as the army held onto its defensive posts. No one, not even the children, were allowed to escape out of the quarantined area. To the men and women defending the lines, the only thing that existed in the zone were the dead, not even if they cried and screamed for help.

For the survival of Eraphalia, nothing is excused. Polin's sacrifice was the only first step as the Eraphalian government maneuvered to keep Juna safe while it was under construction. Only until Juna was completed will Eraphalia take a breath of fresh air.

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