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[ATTN] Regional Canon



I don't usually make these official posts, so expect them to be very sparse. In this case, I want to make a clarification regarding the tech level of our regional canon and whether people may have other roleplay canons.

All roleplays based on the regional map must be modern tech. That means all technology should be based on that existing in the real world nowadays. Hence there can be no fantasy creatures, futuristic gadgets, manned interplanetary travel or anything similar.

Anyone registered on this forum is allowed to start other roleplays, even if they are not based on the regional map. Such roleplays belong in the Summa Cavea section. Roleplays based on the regional map but happening in an alternate reality or in a different tech level are allowed, provided that they are clearly marked as such.

tl;dr Your nation on the map has to be modern tech, but you can start non-MT roleplays in Summa Cavea.

Justinian Kalominos
Founder of Selene

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