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The Fornirian Times


The Fornirian Times

Issue #1
November 11, 2016/November 11, 1 MDE
Era: Modern Democratic Era (Year 1)

Coalition Government: Venuse Petage elected as Prime Minister after discussions in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition

[Image: tFdKl75.jpg]
The country's first democratically-elected parliament's composition (list of parties below)
¥Social Democrats(346) (Pinkish Red)
¥New Social Democrats(330) (Orange Red)
¥Liberal Democracy(320) (Pistachio Green)
¥Welfare(300) (Light Blue)
¥Centrists(280) (Dark Green)
¥Leftist Coalition(230) (Bright Red)
¥Liberal-Green(221) (Green)
¥New Green Alliance(200) (Light Green)
Conservatives(200) (Gray)
Fornirian Traditions(183) (Blue Gray)
Soviet Alliance(160) (Dark Red)
¥Communists(150) (Yellow)
¥Progressive Front(130) (Purple)
Freedom(120) (Dark Blue)
¥Socialist Alliance(106) (Pink)
Libertarians(105) (Light Yellow)
¥Selenists(100) (Violet)
¥Federalists(84) (Cyan)
Anti-Selenists(69) (Violet Red)
Republicans(50) (Baby Blue)
Right Path(45) (Turquoise)
Neo-Liberals(40) (Magenta)
Nationalist-Royalist(40) (Orange)
Christian Front(40) (Peach)
Capitalists(40) (Violet Blue-ish)
National Socialist(30) (Dark Gray)
Fascist(25) (Black)
¥Environmentalists(20) (Cream)
¥Rural Power(20) (Dark Yellow)
Duli(12) (Light Pink)
Seikyo Jiritsu(10) (Water Light Blue)
Anarchists(10) (Olive Green)
¥Monarchists(10) (Strawberry)
Confederation of Independents(10) (Indigo)
Sorist(4) (Brown)
(Not Pictured):
Royal Army(1)
Royal Navy(1)
Royal Air Force(1)
Royal Cybernetic Forces(1)
Royal Catherine Stock Market and Exchange(1)
Kaojinako Shipping(1)
Royal Port Authority(1)
Ministry of Education(1)
Ministry of Health(1)
Ministry of Culture(1)
Ministry of Justice(1)
Ministry of Security(1)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(1)
Ministry of Infrastructure(1)
Ministry of Finance(1)
Royal Treasury(1)
Ministry of Agriculture(1)
National Worker's Alliance of Unions and Syndicates(1)

¥ denotes parties in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition

Fornoire- After a legislative election for the country's parliament, for the first time in history, a non-noble will rule the country.

Venuse Petage, a Social Democrat, has been elected by the country's parliament as Fornoire's Prime Minister.

His election was a result of complex talks between many parties, which resulted in the Centrist-Leftist Coalition, a complicated and delicate alliance of centrist, centre-left, leftist, and even far-left parties, liderated by the Social Democrats.

There was controversy over his choosing, however. The New Social Democrats, who split from the Social Democrats over leadership and ideology, criticized the choosing at first, as Venuse Petage, a top Social Democrat, is one of the most anti-NSD members of his party, even calling the NSD "a bunch of selfish fools who don't know what they're doing", over the splitting of the party. Yet, to prevent any stalling, the NSD eventually supported his candidacy.

Meanwhile, the Sorists, the youngest party in the race, got 4 seats in Parliament, with 0.1% of the vote. Analysts were shocked at their gains, as no one had considered the Sorists winning any seats.

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