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Full Version: The Soltek-Procellian Non Aggression Pact
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Edward Yutan has decided to take up on Procellia's offer of a Non Aggression Pact with them. "I believe this will benefit both of us, in the fight against capitalism," said Yutan. Below are the rules of this pact.
1. Procellia and the Sol Federation promise to respect each other's borders.
2. The two nations will not involve in each other's affairs.
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The Sylonnic Council has refused to release a statement regarding the NAP between the Sol Federation and Procellia.

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Procellia has celebrated the document and requested the Sol Federation also consider signing the Neutrality Charter they proposed last month.

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Edward Yutan refuses signing the Neutrality Charter. He says that the Sol Federation will not obey rules created by a foreign nation, and that the Non Aggression Pact is enough.