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Reactionary Conspiracy Leaders Executed

Four Sovereigns were executed in Tacaris today for conspiracy against the Revolution. The Sovereigns were found guilty on multiple charges by the Justiciars following their arrest last month. Those executed were the leaders of an attempted reactionary conspiracy. Others continue to be arrested in connection to this conspiracy, and are awaiting justice from the Justiciars for their crimes against the people. Multiple conspirators were found to have been operating under false identities, including a Sovereign who was already wanted for previous crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. Some of those arrested are also believed to have connections to foreign states.

The conspiracy included a series of planned attacks against the Commonwealth and its people. The plots included a planned assassination of several Arbiters. Most shockingly was a planned attempt to assassinate Arbiter Bektamun-Miane, which was intended to take place late last month.

The conspiracy was exposed by Tebu-Mesi, a Degg who has been illegally held in servitude by those executed since the Revolution. Tebu turned in his former enslavers for their conspiracy after escaping captivity. He was congratulated by Arbiter Bektamun-Miane earlier this month for his service to the Revolution.

Following the executions, Arbiter Tasukhen Shai-Halima issued a stern warning in a public statement today, warning of the imminent threat posed by reactionary traitors and their foreign collaborators.