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Our great leader Daniel Turnt, has announced an amazing idea. He has announced the new ideology known as Sorism. It focuses on the idea of capitalism and being run by the Leader. The party the leader has created is known as the National Capitalists Party. It has registrations to join the party in every city across our grand nation. The creation of this new ideology will aid us against the Purple Menace known as Selene and it's allies.
In other news, our diplomat known as Edward Yutan was sent to a summit to Sartoia. We made our mission clear that we were going to stop Selene from dominating through its disgusting culture and people. However, foolish nations such as Sartoia, do not see the clear menace that Selene is. We must bring down these disgusting allies of Selene. Sartoia even questioned our way of leadership and our ideals. They must be eliminated. That is all for this week's issue. We will give more information to all of you next week.
May the Sol Federation live long!
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