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Full Version: Life in the Fornirian Empire
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Catherine, Empire of Fornoire

It was time for the parade. The April 18th Victory Day parade commemorated the foundation of the Azurian Union after a brutal war which the integrationists won. When the Fornirian Empire succeeded the Union, it was decided that these parades would still continue, albeit it was now the Emperor who addressed the audience.

Thousands of soldiers of all nationalities were due to march onward. Flag poles displayed colossal flags of the various countries and ethnicities of the Empire. The military high command saluted from a balcony high up in the Imperial Palace along with the Emperor, his family, senior members of the Cabinet, First Ministers from the constituent nations and the leaders of all major parties. The Empire had to be united in remembering the fallen. Unitarians and federalists, rightists and leftists from all over the Empire, all standing in solidarity and brotherhood.

"Imperial citizens, proud subjects of the Empire, today we honour the fallen from that devastating conflict that tore brothers, families, communities and countries apart. It is the duty of the Imperial state that this does not occur ever again, for so much blood shed is a travesty for all humanity. We must be aware that the differences engendered over these past few millenia have never truly broken our common identity as one union of brotherly solidarity. The glorious sacrifice of so many to forge the state we reside in today must never be held in vain. The tragedy of our recent history must never repeat itself. It is up to us all to see this national priority to its ultimate and conclusive fruitition. May the Empire and its people last forevermore! Ura!"

[Image: buckingham-palace-royal-balcony.jpg]

The soldiers presented cheered, as was custom. The Imperial anthem was played, and the artillery began to fire. The military officials of the parade saluted, as did everyone in the Imperial balcony. The crowd, composed of the lawmakers of the Empire, their guests and those who bought a ticket, stood up for the anthem. The only legislators who were not there were those from the nationalist parties, who wished independence for their respective countries and so refused to attend in protest. They were few in number today, and thus their absence was not noteworthy.

Soldiers marched, tanks rolled in, artillery moved forward, rocket platforms drove by. The Fornirian air and space forces roared from the skies, providing colourful entertainment or displays of force.

There was something special about this parade. For the first time in history, a non-human was amongst the troop. A Caedri marched with the regular infantry, and when the Fornirian media noticed this, their cameras turned to this specimen in curiosity. The crowd was also amazed, as were some in the Imperial balcony.

Out of the 910,000 Caedri residing in the Empire (many of which are merely immigrants and not Fornirian-born), only 100 joined the Imperial military. Most of these recruits were debt-ridden and wished to find an escape from prosecution by the authorities. Service in the military shielded them from facing charges, but most of their pay went to paying these debts as a result. The Caedri marching was one of these cases, but no one knew. Many Fornirians were already assuming that this was some "patriotic individual" that had joined the army out of national pride. They were mistaken, but it was a nice thought.

The top leadership of the Empire conversed in the balcony they were in as the troops marched onward. The military command was making small talk out of strategies and socialization. The political higher-ups were discussing issues political in nature, albeit some did mutter a bit here and there about personal matters.

The Emperor continued to observe attentively. He had nothing better to do, so he smiled and acted for the cameras.

The sun was shining beautifully today. What a nice day. The generals can have their worries, and the politicians can have their headaches. But the Emperor? None. He can just observe the sky without any worry. He can appreciate nature's beauty despite all these cannonades and the skyscrapers.

How delightful.