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Full Version: World Society Conference on the Early Warning System of Artemis
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World Society Headquarters, Messelia, Sartoria, 2132

A normal day for work, in the diplomatic center of Artemis. Diplomats, bureaucrats, public figures and more, scurrying about the many hallways and hundreds of conference room and offices. Perhaps an occasional shouting match as the passions of the few reach a high. Nothing was terribly out of place, and so a Septiman diplomat wandering around, looking for her correct room was nothing much to worry about.

What gives more food for thought is the content of the briefcase she held, and her mission here in Messelia on behalf of an entire world power. That of decades of space-related research and data, alongside several personally penned letters by Septiman leadership, with a goal of unifying dozens of early warning and detection satellites into a single harmonious system.
At last, the room revealed itself to her, and she unceremoniously entered. Offering an apology, she traveled to her seat, and began her set-up for the presentation.  Dozens of blurry images, predicted orbital trajectories, rows and rows of statistics concerning computers and their processing power. Intermittent handouts for a potential organization under the World Society. She came prepared, at least on paper, if not for the upcoming presentation as well.

“Again, I offer my apologies to the conference. My name is Szófia Fekete, Minister-Counselor within the Seven Republics' Mission to the World Society, and I am here today to present the case for consolidating all space-related early warning, search and track, and long-range detection satellites and radars into a single entity, under the overall supervision of the World Society. In addition, a case will be made for bringing all related computing systems under the same organization, to assist in the processing of all acquired data and produce a more efficient early warning system.”

A projector, set up in advance and now displaying a bland title screen, clicked, and revealed a map of Artemis, her moon Apollo, and the myriad collection of satellites operated by individual nations within the World Society. “This, as clearly labeled, is a collection of all non-military satellites currently operated by the member nations sitting in this room. Some of the information present on the table is a much more comprehensive look at all of them, if you are interested.”

“What the Seven Republics desires for an early warning system, more specifically, is to remove some of the administrative red tape and data delay between member nations, so that we are better equipped to detect and engage any potential threats to Artemis. It is no secret that our off-world counterparts are as space-capable as we are, if not moreso, and thus, it is becoming more and more necessary to be able to search for threats and know of them sooner.”

“The primary consideration for unifying the satellites is the different protocols in place for collecting data. This can be solved with a team sent to all satellites to perform reprogramming at their source, with member nation consent and assistance of course, and would be of great use to the secondary, and perhaps far more important component to the entire system: the computers that process all gathered data and generate orbital path predictions off of it.”

“A similar consideration exists in the form of protocol and operating systems, but just as well, there is simply not enough processing power currently used for early warning to match the data we are receiving. The pages on that topic are of course available in far greater detail on the table. The World Society, or at a minimum all nations not matching their data input, should without a shadow of a doubt be pouring far more resources into expanding their processing capabilities so that we can more accurately form a comprehensive defense picture for space threats.”

“That is the position of the Seven Republics. Are there any questions concerning the presentation?”
Headquarters of the World Society
Messelia, Sartoria

"This can be solved with a team sent to all satellites to perform reprogramming at their source, with member nation consent and assistance of course, and would be of great use to the secondary, and perhaps far more important component to the entire system: the computers that process all gathered data and generate orbital path predictions off of it."

Antonia Ferraioli listened to the Septiman diplomat, carefully considering what was being said. She'd had a meeting earlier that day with Ambassador Giarrizzo to discuss the issue of early warning systems. It was well-known in military circles that the current system was deficient, certainly nothing suitable for the end of the 1st century. The question was, of course, if Sartoria was comfortable with sharing control of its system with other countries, particularly a fellow superpower like Septima. She was informed that the Privy Council would insist on a high level meeting to further discuss the issue, so no definitive answers could be provided at this meeting; still, the willingness to consider a unified system was there, and she was instructed to convey that sentiment.

"Minister Counselor Fekete, I thank you for convening this meeting. If I may introduce myself, I am Antonia Ferraioli, Minister with the Sartorian Mission to the World Society. I can tell you that Sartoria is aware of the issues with the disjointed management of early warning systems. We agree that this is an issue of key importance to our planetary defence and that it must be resolved with the utmost promptitude."

She paused, taking a breath and considering her next words. "I am at liberty to continue with a discussion on the possibility of a unified early warning system, but I must clarify that my government will insist on a high level meeting on the specifics of the unified system's management, as well as the manner in which individual systems will be updated. You will understand that, as of today, each of our systems is managed at the national level, and therefore there need to be some confidence-building discussions to ensure that all interests are being considered."
World Society Headquarters, Messelia, Sartoria, 51 AFC

"It is understood, Minister Ferraioli. This conference was convened merely to begin discussions, not to solidify opinions on the matter." Fekete paused for a moment, taking a sip of water placed nearby on the table. "Grand Minister Nyilas has made his intentions clear to Ambassador Svarvas that he will commit whatever resources necessary, to include direct meetings with First Councillor Bonaventura and President Leggièri to convince them, in order to see this idea come to fruition."

She sat down after her short response, breathing a slightly nervous sigh. There certainly was that discussion, but the Grand Minister had asked for that particular sentence to not be taken out of the room unless it was absolutely crucial. Well, it certainly seemed like a good idea, and now all there was left to do was to hope such a revelation would not cost her the career.