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Servizio Nazionale di Stampa
SNS is the foremost news agency in Sartoria. Founded by the Association of Northern Journalists in 1906 and present in all 22 realms, SNS is known for providing fair, thorough and reliable news to the public and newspapers alike.
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First Councillor Stable but Delicate

Messelia. Doctors at the Capitano Giorffino Naval Hospital have confirmed that First Councillor Luciana Bergamaschi has left the intensive care unit but remains in delicate condition, following the terrorist bombing on October 11 that killed 15 and injured 47 at the entrance of the Palazzo Malzo. She is expected to remain in close observation and undergo physical therapy.

Bova: "Terrorists will Face the Full Weight of Sartorian Justice"

Messelia. Judicial Councillor Maria Bova confirmed today that her Office will seek harsh penalties for the terrorist cell responsible for the October 11 Bombing. Carabinieri apprehended 7 terrorists and killed 5 others last Wednesday, following a prolonged manhunt across Messelia. Bova has refrained from passing judgement on the terrorists' motives, saying that more will be known as the investigation continues.

ADM Supports the Privy Council; Will Strengthen the Public Safety Office

Bercolle. Speaking at the Central University, Opposition Leader Mario Salucci restated the Merchant Rights Association's support for the Privy Council in the aftermath of the October 11 Bombing, saying that "this is not the time for partisan bickering". Echoing past remarks, Salucci supported the immediate actions of Acting First Councillor and Foreign Councillor Luciano Finozzi, and confirmed that ADM will work on legislation to strengthen the Public Safety Office.
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Finozzi Sceptic of Canarto Mediation

Seravano. Following a meeting with Grand Mayor Antonia Sciari, Acting First Councillor and Foreign Councillor Finozzi stated that he remained sceptic about the prospects of a peaceful resolution to Canarto's continued use of torture, sayin that "Sartoria supports all attempts at peaceful resolution, but the historical precedent does not favour the Wakokan initiative". Councillor Finozzi then added that the Foreign Office will closely monitor the mediation, and remain keep its consular offices in Meridia on alert in case there are further cases of instability.

Princess Giulia Visits Bergamaschi

Messelia. Princess Giulia visited First Councillor Bergamaschi today. While their meeting remained private, the Princess later remarked that the First Councillor is "a strong and determined leader" who remains aware of the latest national and international news, and is eager to resume her full-time duties. The Princess also toured the Capitano Giorffino Naval Hospital, greeting patients and hospital staff. As per the latest public report, the First Councillor remains seriously injured, but is stable and is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing physical therapy.

Sartoria Calls for AU Meeting

Byzantium. Cornelia Faraldo, Sartorian Ambassador to the Artemian Union, submitted today a formal motion to call for an emergency meeting of the Union's Foreign and Security Policy Council, to discuss the evolving situation in the North and the East. In her motion, Ambassador Faraldo stated that the Union should "define a common foreign policy regarding imperialism in the north and the defence of our Parthenian allies in the east". The motion was quickly supported by Selenid Ambassador Loukas Kokinos, who agreed with the need to form a common policy on those two issues.
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Ret. Prince Patrizio Opens XVII International Unity Expedition

Regù. Retired Prince Patrizio Giordano opened on Wednesday the XVII International Unity Expedition, an event that gathers climbers and trekkers from all over the world for two months of climbing expeditions and treks. In his opening speech, Mr Giordano said that "whether you trek or climb, you are doing your part in communing with nature and making this world a better place". The Expedition started on Wednesday with the Alpanio Base Camp Trek, a 65.7 kilometre trek from Cantanoglia to Alpanio Base Camp. The Trek will be conducted several times until April 19, when Base Camp will be made ready for the Alpanio Unity Climb.

Mattarazzo Linked to Sacuri Groups

Verale. Claudia Mattarazzo, controversial activist and heiress to the Mattarazzo Family, is in close contact with Sacuri groups, according to a leaked Finestreri report. Once considered a serious contender for the Senate, Mattarazzo fell out of grace in Messelia following her participating in a much-publicised debate where she insulted former Second Councillor Maria Beriscone. According to the leaked report, Mattarazzo holds radical views and is working with various groups to advance a Sacuri agenda in the rural Eastern Realms. Finestreri have not commented on this leak.

Giorani Transportation Secretary Resigns

Città Gialla. Umberto Giancarlo, Transportation Secretary of Giaroni, has resigned amid mounting accusations that he met several times with controversial construction giant Carleschi. In these meetings, according to news reports, Giancarlo agreed to award various construction contracts to Carleschi in return for financial support in a future Senate candidacy. The allegations were first revealed on Monday, when a representative from Carleschi testified before the Oversight Committee of Giaroni's House of Representatives that Giancarlo was a key player in their successful construction bid. It is expected that the Attorney General's Office will open an investigation into the allegations.
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Foreign Office Seeks to Diffuse Tensions with Ardinat

Messelia. Foreign Councillor Finozzi called for calm following an incident wherein an Avengnon noblewoman, whose identity remains undisclosed, entered the Sartorian Embassy in Roitale. Tensions rose as the chance was placed under 24-hour surveillance by Ardinat's military police, though diplomatic and consultar functions have been allowed to continue. According to the Foreign Office, the noblewoman's asylum application will be processed in compliance with international and Sartorian law, regardless of any tension that might arise with Ardinat.

Tavoletro Attorney General to Question Mattarazzo

Regù. The Tavoletro Attorney General's Office has subpoenaed Claudia Mattarazzo, following the leak of a Finestreri report that links her with a number of Sacuri organisations, fueling speculation that her controversial brand of activism is merely a front for subversive activities. Should Mattarazzo present herself before the Attorney General's Office, she is expected to be questioned about her role in the Cammalia Incident, where an entire town was discovered to have been turned to Sacuri Thought; evidence has surfaced that showed that the disappearance of children in rural areas is tied to ritual sacrifices carried out in Cammalia.

Bertuccia Legislature Passes Commercial Spaceflight Revival Act

Suderia. The Bertuccian Senate passed this morning the Commercial Spaceflight Revival Act, clearing the way for the Governor to sign the bill later this week. The bill had already been passed by the House of Delegates in mid January, but encountered fierce debate in the Senate, where there were doubts about the need to encourage commercial spaceflight. If signed, the bill would establish an executive department tasked with promoting the commercial spaceflight industry in Bertuccia. Once thriving, the industry stalled in the 1990s, as focus switched to Station Artemia and other government-led initiatives.