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The Sunrise Herald was established in 1854 and has been circulated nationally throughout Parthenopias since 1866. Widely seen as the leading newspaper, the Sunrise Herald has a reputation as being upstanding and has won awards for integrity. Originally the paper was owned by the Sereterci Family though they have since sold the paper to the Atlas Corporation. Atlas Corp. has large holdings in media throughout the nation and is currently the high valued company in Parthenopias with diverse holdings in many sectors. 

While some have claimed this has led to a decrease in the integrity of the paper, the editor is still a member of the Sereterci family and the paper is consistently ranked as independent of its owners. Indeed it was in 2014 that the Sunrise Herald was the first to report on the widespread corruption and money laundering taking place at Atlas which led to the change in leadership. Since Arlo Toussaint took the helm of Atlas it has been recovering from the scandals and continued to support the paper's independence. 

The paper takes a politically neutral stance and as such does not endorse candidates at any level of government, choosing rather to remain as an objective observer willing to serve the people rather than political interests.


Cult Leaders Apprehended


With the military's Operation Damocles officially wrapping up, it was announced by Secretary for Military Intelligence, Belemo Tyrsi (NCP - Esel), that the infamous cult's leaders known collectively as the Chosen have been successfully apprehended and are awaiting transport to an undisclosed location. Secretary for the Justice Ministry, Lydia Melporte (NCP - Miras), that while those among the Chosen will not be regarded as Parthenopian citizens and as such are not entitled to the same legal rights, they will be given a trial in the capital within one week. 

This announcement brought a collective sigh of release across the nation as the wounds from the Stadia attack in Nessarion are still fresh in people's minds. Speculation has already begun to make its rounds as people guess where the trial will be held and whether or not it will be a military tribunal or a civilian court. The collective belief is that it will be a civilian led trial held in the capital or in Nessarion to send a strong message to the would be enemies of the state. 

No matter where the trial is held, public opinion overwhelmingly supports the death penalty as what many hope the outcome will be. This runs against the recent downward trend in support of the death penalty and comes at a time when centrist wings of the major parties have begun to call for its abolition. Parthenopias has run against the grain on capital punishment since the AU's inception as the other members have all outlawed the practice. 

Reports coming in from military sources suggest that the final assault on the cult's compound and main bunker have resulted in nearly one thousand casualties among the Parthenopian armed forces and twice that among the cultists. The rest of the resistance throughout the county has begun to die out as some cultists commit suicide and others are killed or captured. The blockade of the county is set to continue as martial law has been extended into the foreseeable future. 

In total casualties stand at nearly three thousand soldiers wounded or killed in combat, twice that among the cultists and nearly one thousand civilians killed in the crossfire or by the cult. Casualties have been high from this conflict and while that might usually draw more criticism from the public, at this time the nation is more relieved than anything to have this situation rapidly coming to an end.

Field Marshal Nadine Leclerc Arrives in Selene

Fresh off her victories over the doomsday cult in the Elateia region, FM Leclerc has arrived in Selene to much fanfare. The FM upon the recommendation of Archon Jessero was appointed as the Supreme Allied Commander of the Arctic Intervention Forces. Having taken up the command at the behest of the Parthenopian government, the thirty-thousand strong Parthenopians are said to be in high spirits with many having served under FM Leclerc in Elateia. This appointment though has not come without grumblings by other high ranking military officials who believe that her appointment is more fan fare and self-serving than deserved. Her epaulets were only awarded three weeks prior to the appointment and many in the Military Chiefs of Staff are said to be disgruntled that a more seasoned veteran wasn't appointed in her place. 

Nonetheless the forces are set to finish gathering within the next couple days and then set sail from there. FM Leclerc will be joined by Marshals Tibbideaux, Orauns and Marriens. Fleet Admiral de Val will be commanding the Second Fleet from his flagship the RNS Thalassa. Admiral Girudine will be commanding the logistics fleet that will keep the forces supplied throughout the campaign.