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Welcome to the Global Information Survey!

Founded in 1953, the Giorgios Passolides Centre for Statistical Research is the foremost statistical institution in Selene, tasked with gathering data from around the world to assist class and research efforts for the faculty and students of the University of Byzantium. In addition, due to the 1987 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Office of Statistical Analysis, it provides expert assistance to the Government of Selene in its data collection and processing efforts.

Since 1987, the Passolides Centre conducts the Global Information Survey, a collection of diverse data from countries around the world to be used by the University of Byzantium and the Government of Selene, as agreed upon by Chancellor Tsaldaris and Prince Marcus VII in the MoU signed that same year. Originally the Survey was filled by doctoral students at the Passolides Centre. Currently a form is sent to the foreign ministry of each participating country, and doctoral students verify the information provided and complete what data remains missing.

Since its first inception, the Survey has been a reliable source of information for students and governments alike, informing academic research and policy decisions throughout the world. Known for its accuracy and responsible use of information, the Passolides Centre continues this proud tradition with the 2017 Global Information Survey, collecting national data from the past year for its compilation, evaluation and publication.

Alexandros Papandreou

Overview and Guidelines

All roleplayers are required to post a submission to the Global Information Survey within one week of their addition to the Map of Artemia. Please copy the following code and answer each question as truthfully and as accurately as possible, as it applies to your country; then proceed to post it as a separate thread in the Passolides Centre Submissions Office.


[b]A. OVERVIEW[/b]

1. Official Name:
2. Short Name:
3. Date of Foundation:
4. Surface Area (km[sup]2[/sup]):
5. Internet Top Level Domain:
6. Capital City:
7. Largest City:
8. Demonym:


1. Head of State:
2. Head of Government:
3. System of Government:
4. Power Structure (Unitary or Federal):
5. Name of Legislature (N/A if not applicable):
6. Name of Highest Court (N/A if not applicable):
7. Voting (Compulsory or Voluntary):
8. Minimum Voting Age:


1. Population:
2. Life Expectancy:
3. Literacy Rate:
4. Direction of Traffic:
5. Capital Punishment:
6. Abortion:
7. Religions:
8. Marriage Equality:
9. Healthcare System:
10. Languages Spoken:
11. Most Populated Cities (3):

[b]D. ECONOMY[/b]

1. Gross Domestic Product:
2. GDP per capita:
3. Currency:
4. Inflation:
5. Unemployment:
6. Poverty:
7. Industries (5):

[b]E. MILITARY[/b]

1. Military Expenditure (% of GDP):
2. Conscription:
3. Active Personnel:
4. Reserve Personnel:
5. Military Branches:


1. Development Level (Developed/Developing/Underdeveloped):

Guidelines for the Survey
  • You must answer all sections as truthfully as possible.
  • Where appropriate, you may provide expanded information or cite relevant laws.
  • Information must be accurate as of December 2017.
  • You may not use the statistics provided by NationStates, since they are not realistic.
  • Figures must be in Selenid Solidi, which are exchanged at the rate of S/ 1 = US$ 1.
  • GDP must be the result of Population x GDP per capita. GDP may not exceed S/ 1 trillion under normal circumstances.
  • Surface Areas can be consulted here.
  • Head of State and Government must include the title and name of the current office holder.
  • Your Internet TLD must consist of 2 letters.
  • Military Expenditure cannot exceed 2% of the GDP during peacetime.
  • Active Personnel cannot exceed 1% of the population during peacetime. Reserve Personnel cannot exceed 5% of the population during peacetime.
  • Your Development Level reflects how advanced your country is, and allows your Companion to determine if your figures make sense. It must be either Developed, Developing or Underdeveloped.
If you don't feel capable or qualified or filling out any section of the Survey, particularly the economic section, you may leave it empty, and add a note indicating that you will follow the advice of your Companion on a final figure.

After you post your submission, you will be assigned a Companion, either a Founder or a Roleplay Councillor, who will be in charge of reviewing your submission and working with you to ensure there is a balance between realism and the concept you have for your country. It is your responsibility to work with your Companion in good faith to ensure your statistics and information are reasonable.

Your Companion will also be your main point of contact within Selene, and is the first person you should ask if you have any questions or if you have doubts about how to get involved in the region. They will always be there to help, or you refer you to the person who will be able to help you.

Once your Companion is comfortable with your submission, they will approve it for publication.