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Full Version: Weapons of Mass Destruction Limitations Act
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Weapons of Mass Destruction Limitations Act
An Act to Limit the Development, Proliferation and Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chapter I

1. Manipulation of weapons of mass destruction shall generally be deemed outside the scope of a modern tech world for the purposes of Chapter III of Corpus Juris.

2. Consent of the Founder may be secured for such manipulation, provided that sufficient explanation is provided and accepted. In such cases, it shall be the prerogative of the Founder to determine the limits and circumstances for the way in which such manipulation will take place.

3. Consent may be withdrawn by the Founder, and any actions carried out while under it may be disavowed, should they conflict with the terms prescribed under the original agreement of consent, or as penalty for any violation of the terms of Chapter II of Corpus Juris.

4. Roleplay Councillors may grant and withdraw consent on behalf of the Founder when duly authorised by him. In such cases, the Founder may intervene to hear appeals, whose decisions will be final.

Chapter II

1. Requests for the granting of consent for the manipulation of weapons of mass destruction must be presented in Kalominos Palace, where the applicant must provide specific and compelling reasons for the need of any or all such weapons, and accounting for how their manipulation would affect the world.

2. Players may provide alternative points of view to any consent request, arguing for or against such consent. Players may similarly argue whenever consent is withdrawn.

Chapter III

1. Manipulation shall be defined as the research, development, proliferation, sharing or use of weapons of mass destruction.

2. A weapon of mass destruction shall be any nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical or other weapon that is capable of causing large scale damage.

3. In compliance with Chapter IV of Corpus Juris, the Founder and the Roleplay Councillors, when directed by him, shall be the final arbiters of the definitions here presented, and over the reasonable interpretation of this Act.