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Full Version: Forum game: Rate the above user's avatar
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The tiitle says it all. You can rate multiple users' avatars, but try to avoid rating the same user's avatar multiple times. (PS, not entiirely sure if this is the right place to post this)
This is the place.

On a scale of 1 to x, sqrt(x-1).

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It's odd... despite fearing the judgment of others, I always feel drawn to these things. I suppose I'd rather take the chance at getting a negative answer, than live in constant paranoia about what others think and never knowing, that would make me crazy. Or more crazy.

This first part is easy enough though, rating the above avatar. Nice background, a fine profile.

Though, a standard rating system has not been specified. Are we all meant to use our own? I guess I'll rate the above avatar as Good.

Now the hard part, what will the next post say... the avatar I chose, I didn't draw it, it's just something I found when searching for "sad ginger girl", because at the time that's what I thought others would see when they see me anyway.
I think that is a pretty nice avatar. It's full of emotion and has a soothing aura, for some reason. A fine choice for an avatar, in my opinion.

Oh, by the way, I did not specify any rating system, because I always felt like the x up to y rating system is distracting us from making a proper judgement. I feel like we should be pointing out what we like and/or maybe what we do not like about the above user's avatar, instead of just rating it on a scale.
I feel terrible for my rating. I'll give it another go.

While the art is wonderful, I'm not very partial to anime at all, in part due to its huge prevalence across the internet, and some members of the community that follow it tend to be less welcoming than others. But personal choices are personal, and I'm not going to stop anyone from picking a (legal) avatar.

Oh, and your name is very close to my own, so that's another advantage. Tongue

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I guess I'll do this!
Constantine your avatar is... well... not very good looking. I would not tap.
Now to the others Constantina (nice name) I am a huge fan of anime (big surprise) but yet the avatar feels a bit too.... realistic for my tastes. Not bad, just... not for me.
Aethelia, a bit blurry but still looks good. It's sort of iconic for you. That's really all I've got to say.
Now on to my ratings... yikes
I wasn't sure what to say at first... but I think I'll give you an A+.

It feels like you're making a statement. Like "I don't need an avatar". Going against social standards is something I can respect. I wish I had that bravery. Or any amount of bravery.
Or perhaps it's just a commentary on nothingness. Like trying to find a perfect black. Or trying to reach absolute zero. Like the absence of light or heat, your profile has reached a state of having no avatar.
Coming out without an avatar... maybe it's like going out without clothes on. That I can respect even more.
Either way, I approve of your decision.
Never mind it's working! Fixed it. So... who would you rate it?
I don't like smiling children, much less smiling anime children so I give you a z- because that is worse than f.

Jk it's alright I guess I rate it a b.
Now for my rating.
I'm not a lolicon I swear!
Anyways your icon is meh
Give it a 6 out of 9
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