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Full Version: Nuclear Weapons in the World
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I'm personally of the mindset that Nuclear Weapons and their likeminded Hydrogen Counterparts shouldn't be in this world. We don't have a rival strong enough to get the nation of Selene to produce them let alone stockpile them. In addition to that most of the rest of the world doesn't seem to have significant IC reason to produce or stockpile WMD's in Selene. 

Not only would nations have drowned gobs of money (a strain on any economy) into it but also would have had to conducted tests either underground or in the atmosphere. Either of which would have sent off alarm bells in other nations.

I bring this to the culmination of why nations should not have WMDs in this world. If one does more will. Proliferation in RP worlds is a serious issue that most region's don't offer sufficient oversight on. For example if Sartoria has it why would Akarus or Seloana or other nations nearby not? They would have a serious potential threat at their doorstep giving them sufficient IC reason to have done or to begin the process of obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

On top of the domino effect I'd also worry about the international ramifications of it, such as the radiation in the atmosphere from tests, ground pollution from the tests, also about how quickly war would become near impossible essentially rendering any way a possible nuclear war that would have far reaching effects on all nations and not localized. 

Pardon if this was a rant, I'm pretty anti-WMD in RP regions. 

This is oriented towards Regional Canon. If it was allowed to run parallel and not canon then I don't really have a preference.
I find this ironic, cause I was just thinking about announcing the Manhattan Project in my nation. After reading this post, I've come to slightly agree. The reason for only slightly agreeing is because my nation is entirely against Selene and wants to gain one step ahead of them. In other words, a sort of Nazi Germany like nation. I am split between whether to agree or disagree. Whatever choice may happen, I will not argue against it.
I am firmly against the existence of WMDs in Artemia. If a nation were to create them then I would definitely push for either that announcement to be non-canon or for a series of complete economic sanctions and tariffs against that nation. No tolerance.

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I will only oppose Nuclear weapons if my giant robot army can't throw them like footballs Tongue
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(10-16-2016, 11:41 AM)Michael Rhangabe Wrote: [ -> ]I will only oppose Nuclear weapons if my giant robot army can't throw them like footballs Tongue
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Sounds like Kauzka's old drone army (my previous nation)
I believe there is a consensus against nuclear weapons. I would like to know if people favour making it illegal through international law (but risking nations ignoring it) or outright banning it from the canon (but removing the element of international conflict).
I personally would go so far as to say they should simply be banned through cannon.
Through cannon?

Let me get my first rates.

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Nah I reckon it should just be international law because if a nation ignores it they face war against the rest of the world anyway.
They could use their nukes though.
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