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Full Version: MyCode Additions
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Hi everyone,

In order to provide a better forum experience, we now have a few additional MyCodes. If you are confused, MyCodes are the useful tags that let you format a post, like [u],  [img] and [url]. Here is a brief list of each new tag and what they do:
  • Spoiler: if you want to hide information so that it can only be seen once it's clicked, using the [ spoiler ] tag.
  • Float: if you want an image, text or table to float on the left of right like a sidebar, using the [ float ] tag.
  • Table Generator: if you want to generate a table that can hold information and images, just use the TableGenerator link below the smilies box.

This text has been hidden using the spoiler tag. Have you noticed how by using just [ spoiler ] the default text is displayed for you to click?
ShowClick Me
This text has also been hidden using the spoiler tag, but by using [ spoiler=randomtext ] I was able to change the default text to something move indicative, like 'Click Me'.


The above table was created using the Table Generator, but if you want to turn it into a nice wiki-like sidebar, you can use the Float tag:


Raw Code:


[spoiler=Click Me]Text[/spoiler]

Tables are created with the Table Generator

[float=left]To have something float on the left.[/float]

[float=right]To have something float on the right.[/float]

I hope you find this useful!

- Justinian