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How have you been? What's going on in your life? Let us know here!
Well, I just came back from a couple weeks of working on Colorado! Yesterday (aka the drive back) was interesting. Colorado and Utah are absolutely gorgeous, and made the prospect of being in a car for 17 hours a bit better. Things got pretty unlucky once we crossed the state line leaving Nevada into California. For Starters, my dad got a call from the motel we were staying at saying that he left his check in the room. Shortly after. we got a flat tire, which we changed for a spare in 105 degree (Fahrenheit). We were short on gas, so we stopped in Barstow to fill up. That incident caused us to be caught in traffic caused by a pretty gnarly accident. Being involved in that traffic caused us to not be able to get on the freeway we wanted, because the merge was closed for night work. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing though.
Nation-wide blackout...I don't want to suffer that ever again.....
(09-24-2016, 02:30 PM)Fornoire Wrote: [ -> ]Nation-wide blackout...I don't want to suffer that ever again.....

Eres de Puerto Rico?
Sí. ¿Porqué?
(09-24-2016, 03:34 PM)Fornoire Wrote: [ -> ]Sí. ¿Porqué?


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Porque solamente Puerto Rico ha sufrido de un apagón de esa magnitud este año
Sí. ¡Fue horrible!
Lol Me encanta usar el traductor de google para hablar en langauges que no entiendo.
Eso como quiera no garantiza la traducción perfecta. Después del todo, el Español tiene muchos dialectos (Wai) y el traductor no siempre está bien
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