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News of the Elecetion in the NCAF for the new Caliph


I Kfar State
Lūt el-Mansouri
The Candidate from the Kfar State, he advocates for less restrictions on tobacco and alcohol. Popular in the Kfar State, he will have a strong lead in the north,  but little too none in the south. 

Rafeeq el-Omer al Rūm
The historic Rūm family, enemy to the current family that the past Caliph was in, is running for the seat of Caliph. Rafeeq is a conservative Tawhidist, the most popular political ideology in the NCAF. He promises to improve the industrial strength of the NCAF and make it more competitive with surrounding nations. 

Muslim al-Khalaf
Muslim is a Conservitive Tawhidist. A strong believer in isolationism, Muslim also believes in the revitalization of  a stronger Madinat Alshams hold on the nations power. 

Taalib al-Hariri
Taalib al Hariri is a  Conservative Tawhidist. He believes in internationalism and stronger states, without the current Majlis Al Shura. 

Western Qurashī 
Fawz al-Morad
Fawz is a Traditional Tawhidist. Traditional Tawhidists believe in the traditional way of ruling the Caliphate (i.e the first few caliphs in the old CAF) these four states usually are most popular in the last legs of the election. The following runners will have the same ideals for the state. Such as semi isolationism, semi internationalism, and imperialism. 

Central Qurashī
Musheer el-Ibrahim

Eastern Qurashī
Hātim al-Khalili

State of Alshams
Āqil el-Attar ibn Al Khalifa

Son of the Caliph. 

All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Worlds


Lūt el-Mansouri is in jail today, as during a speech he walked in and everyone immediately noticed something wasn’t right. Unfortunately not remembering his namesake, Lūt el-Mansouri walked up to the podium nearly blackout drunk. Slurring and almost falling as he stepped up and started ranting about how his wife’s bosom is the most voluptuous in the land. He soon stumbled and passed out. A shocking turn of events. Lūt el-Mansouri is now in jail for 10 years for public intoxication, and an additional 20 years for disrupting the peace.

All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Worlds


The vote for Caliph has begun! After the Traditionalists votes for their main candidate, Āqil el-Attar ibn Al Khalifa has prevailed. To ensure that he was chosen fairly, Āqil stood on the pulpit and read a list of all the members of the Majlis who supported him, along with asking those who didn’t vote for him to take their swords out and slay him there and then if they had or came across any solid, indisputable evidence that he had cheated to gain the seat of nomination. Quoting the first Caliph, ”Let God allow thy swords to be the wax seal upon my heart if I have used any means herein of swindling and malpractice to sway those souls of the once righteous to deviate from the Godward Path.”

Voting ends at noon tomorrow.

All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Worlds

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The Elections have ended! The New Caliph is Āqil el-Attar ibn Al Khalifa , Son of the Previous Caliph, has won by 20 provinces!
Aqil el Attar
77 provinces

57 provinces

19 Provinces


All praise belongs to God, Lord of the Worlds

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