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XXVII International Unity Expedition

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13 June 2018

Vincenzo Caravoglia was excited. In truth, the whole experience had been extremely rewarding -seeing all the pieces fall into place, knowing that he was playing a key role in making the event work-, but now he really was excited, and it showed. He had long been a prominent figure within the International Mountaineering Association, and so, when Sartoria was selected to host the twenty-seventh edition of the Unity Expedition, he was the first choice to lead the organising committee. To his view, no task could be more daunting, and no honour could be greater. Within the mountaineering community, the Unity Expedition was a particularly enticing prize, one reserved for the most distinguished and skilled climbers. To not only join it, but to lead its organisation...that was the pinnacle of his career.

"We have all approved it, Vincenzo. We just need your nod to send out the invitations."

"I take it that the list remains the same as before? Or have there been any changes?"

The other person brought up a file on their tablet, running through names on a list. "It's the same list that you saw. I'd say we should be good to go. Most details have been ironed out already; we just need to send the invitations and do all the advertising; then we'll have a better idea of the logistics involved.

Vincenzo nodded in agreement. Of course they already had an idea of how many people would participate, and what kind of logistics would be needed, but since Sartoria was such a large country, there was a chance that a more extensive operation would be required. It was true: once they started taking registrations, they would know.

"Yeah, that's fair enough. Alright then, let's send these invitations, and begin with the advertising. By the end of August we'll have a good idea of what we need to adjust in terms of logistics."

[Image: MiwQ7j7.png]

What is the International Unity Expedition?
First held in the aftermath of the 1992 Avalanches in Setsushima, the Expedition is an international charity event jointly organised by the World Society and the International Mountaineering Association, in which trekkers and climbers come together to explore a particular mountain region and raise both awareness and funds for charitable causes.

What does the Expedition involve?
Initially the Expedition only involved a single mountain climb. Since the 2004 Expedition in Parthenopias, the event has expanded to include several subsidiary climbs and a trek that is open to the general public. This allows for non-professional climbers and the public to participate in the Expedition and contribute to its causes.
These days, the main events of the Expedition are the professional climb, which traditionally is set at the host region's highest mountain, and the public trek, which attracts thousands of participants.

Where and when will the Expedition take place?
In 2019, the International Unity Expedition will take place in Alpanio Natural Park, deep within the Eastern Realms of Sartoria. The Park is home to many world-renowned sites and trekking routes, and features Alpanio, which at 8,739m is the world's highest mountain.
While the dates for the Expedition may always change, due to weather conditions, the following are the projected dates for the Expedition:
  • Alpanio Base Camp Trek: 13 March - 19 April 2019 (multiple treks will be held within these dates)
  • Alpanio Unity Climb: 10 May 2019
  • Subsidiary Unity Climbs: 1-31 May 2019
How does the Expedition contribute to charitable causes?
In addition to encouraging donations by participants and the general public to various charities, the World Society and the International Mountaineering Association have agreements with several companies and institutions, where certain amounts of money are donated to a selection of charities per kilometre trekker or climbed per each participant. A list of those charities, as well as information on how to donate and volunteer for them, can be found in the Expedition's website.

How does the Expedition preserve the environment?
The Expedition can have a serious effect on the environment, particularly due to the amount of litter that can be generated during the trek and climbs. To address this, participants are encouraged to do their part to keep the region clean, and both organising institutions have developed partnerships with local institutions to leave regions as pristine as they were before the Expedition took place.

Who can participate in the climbs?
In accordance with tradition, the main climb is limited to one climber per country. Participants will be professional climbers, selected by their national mountaineering associations. The deadline for national associations to select their participating climbers is August 31.
There will be a number of subsidiary climbs that will be open to professional and qualified climbers. Limits on the number of participants to be allowed will vary per each mountain, and can be found in the Expedition's website.

Who can participate in the Alpanio Base Camp Trek?
Registration for the Alpanio Base Camp Trek is open to the general public. Limits on the number of participants can be found in the Expedition's website, and are jointly agreed upon by the International Mountaineering Association and local authorities. The trek itself lasts for 15 days, and includes the journey from Ponticello to Alpanio Base Camp Trek, and back.
There is a registration fee of S/ 2,000, and it includes accommodation, meals and permits. It does not include transportation to and from the Eastern Realms, visas and other costs not directly related to the trek.

OOC Information:
You are allowed to have one climber accept the invitation to the Alpanio Unity Climb. You can have other climbers and trekkers participate in the subsidiary climbs and the Alpanio Base Camp Trek. Keep in mind that this thread is for accepting invitations for the Alpanio Unity Climb, and for characters to react to the announcement that the Expedition is open for registrations.
The idea for the Expedition is that it would be an apolitical charity event, so participants do not represent their governments or its policies. It is alright to roleplay tensions between climbers because of their governments, but the event itself is not political, nor it is officially endorsed by the Sartorian Government.

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