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The Heiress


The Court had decided...

It was time to reveal the winner...

And who won?

"The Lords and Ladies of the Realm have chosen..."

Augustús was frustrated. Democracy would never come in this generation, perhaps never...will force make them change?

Loúis was nervous. Had his supporters switched allegiance to Luciánę, or was it all talk?

Luciánę, however, was calm. She had a small smile, knowing what would immediately transpire. But something troubled her. Was it all worth it? Would it all be worth it? Could it be worth it? Can she reform the state to make it her perfect paradise, or something similar? Her people educated, cultured, industrious, happy, free, secure, and healthy?

Most of all, how can she beat the inevitable coup d'etat from the conservatives?

All has to be determined in the future. But she said to herself that the present must be enjoyed. All can come later. This night was one of glory, after all...

Glory indeed...glory to Ardinat.

"Her Highness, the Princess Luciánę of Ardinat"

"She is to take the title of, By the Grace of God, Her Primal Highness, the Crown Princess Luciánę of Ardinat, Archmarchioness of Roitálę, Lady of the Ardinatan Waters, Princess of Tiguria, Princess of Vordeis, Lady of the Southern Realm, Silverine of the Realm, and Captain of the Royal Silver Regiment"

"The next in line for the throne shall be His Highness, the Prince Loúis. He is to take the title of, By the Grace of God, His Silverine Highness, the Pretender Prince Loúis of Ardinat, Lord of the Arvesta Estates, Bronzerine of the Realm, and Captain of the Royal Bronze Regiment"

Excellent. How absolutely charming.

It is now time to wear the crown of the heir.

As Luciánę felt the crown go over her head, she could feel the glory...

...She shall share it with all.

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