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Accounts of Almusāfir(Enhannsh: Almusafre) [800ad]

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The following is the account of a Tawhidist Explorer's stay in the Princedom of Viemais.

Near the southeastern gate of Viemais, Eméron stood waiting. His job, as said by the Prince, was to meet up with an schalor from the Far East. According to accounts from a town down south, he was due to arrive sometime before noon. As Eméron looked up at the sun to check the sun, one of the guards accompanying him tapped his shoulder and pointed down the road. He quickly lowered his gaze in the mentioned direction and surveyed what  seemed to be a group of people moving up the road.

"Ah, that should be them," he said after studying the group.

Mounting his horse, he motioned for the two accompanying guards to follow him and sent his horse into a trot.

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The group was comprised of 5 men. The horses stoped and Almusāfir got down, as all the others did. In the front was a man wearing a black turban with a single peacocks feather on the top and like the rest of them, he wore a long white tunic. Speaking to a translator in Cean, the translator relayed this “Peace be upon those of the Guidance. We have journeyed many days from sun kissed deserts across God’s land. We humbly ask that we may be let in. I am Almusāfir and these are my companions on this journey. My full name is Muhammad Ibn Battutah Almusāfir, the man with the green turban atop his head is Ali Ibn Dawud, the navigator, the man with the brown turban is Yacob bin Hussan the trader, and the big man is Quraba bin Salman, a warrior from Thumat with us to protect us in the wilderness”. He had a heavy accent, hinting at a more fluid mother tongue

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While he listened to the translator,  Eméron surveyed the men. He has never seen such tanned skin before, with only the sun beaten hide of farmers coming close. As he replied to the man, he pulled off his hat and bowed, letting his pale white hair fall out and hang down.

"May the Sun guide you men of the Far East, my name is Eméron de Domal, a minor noble and page to his majesty Prince Therrie. I shall be your guide today and for the rest of your stay here in our humble city. If you would kindly follow me, I shall lead you to the royal Temple past the outer and inner bailey to begin our tour after some refreshments. The Prince would also wish for you to observe the Nüneret ceremony held within the temple itself. "

Spurring his horse, Eméron turned towards the city and begun the trot back. The guards that followed him took up positions on either side of the group.

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Almusāfir signaled for the group to mount. As they rode Ail spoke to Almusāfir in Arabi. Almusāfir repeated it to the translator. "He says 'Do all the people here have hair like the sun and eyes as red as rubies? We have never seen such variation of man.'" Almusāfir added something else to translator. "What is this festival about? I presume that it of religious importance?"

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Instead of asking Eméron, the translator awnsered the question himself.

"The noble class of the Enhannsh Princes tend to have red eyes and white hair. To them, it signifies that they were blessed by their gods to rule."

Looking at the fields around them as they neared the city, the translator pointed.

"As you can see, none of the peasants in the fields have such fair hair."

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The group makes it into the city. crowds gather to see these four strange men speaking to each other in a tongue that sounds like something of another world. Almusāfir says something to the translator, "By God what a beautiful city. Indeed this is different from the large hubs and markets of Madinat Alshams. The city has a small portion more than a million souls."

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After he listened to the translator, Eméron replied, "I don't believe Bataris even get's up to a quarter million people. The last count put the city at around 200,000. Give or take."

Turning back towards the road in front of them, Eméron would point out certain buildings, telling the group about them and explaining the Cities different wards. As they entered the intersection of two main causeways,  he'd point at a large  circular building with what seems to be steam or smoke rising out of it.

"This here is one of the public baths. I'm sure you men would love to wash off from the  journey here, but  unfortunately  we do not have  the time to stop. However, fret not. Instead of one of these common bathhouses,  the Prince has allowed you to enjoy the royal baths."

After he explained the bathhouse, Eméron continued the Journey to the Inner Bailey and  the Canal that separates the Outer and Inner Wards.

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Quraba and Hussan talk for a moment before speaking to Almusāfur so he may relay the message. “Quraba asks of the cities walls, pondering if the city had been built to secure a certain point in a tactical advantage, while Hussan says that the city was built for trade and easy access to the water. Nevertheless, this city is a wonder on how it makes use of two river, thanks be to the Ever Abundant who has gifted you with water and expanses of green land.”

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"Originally the city was founded to secure trade down the river," Eméron said as he turned toward them on his horse, " It was called by a different name that has sadly been lost to the ages. Over time, due to it's central location amoung the Princes and it's control of the converging point of two major rivers, it became a stop for traders." 

As they crossed the moat into the Inner Baileys and the Inner wards of the city, Eméron pointed down at the dried canal.

"During the late summer and early winter, the outer canals are often closed and dry for cleaning and to maintain a certain water level in the river. During the spring melt and the fall rains, the moats are filled to prevent flooding and water surges, though they still happen in particularly wet seasons." 

After they passed over the canal and through the Inner Bailey's Walls,  the streets seemed to look cleaner and the houses better maintained.

"This is the Inner Merchant Quarter, mostly populated by rich Merchants and various wealthy Artisans."

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Almusāfir takes out a journal and begins wrting for a moment before taking some time to look at the homes and brilliant architecture. He calls out to his companions and days 6 lines of rhymed poetry in Arabi. He repeats it in Cean and the translator repeats it
"Look o my brothers,
How they build the homes with beauty
Look how they have formed a city of gilded walls
Praise be the artist who hath forged from the gifts of the Maker
Now imagine my brothers
What the hands of angels make."

After this the companions cheer before they too eye the large building they slowly moved to.

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