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An Appeal for Creativity


I humbly request a ruling on this, if you do not mind.

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Notice of Acceptance
Office of the Emperor

Notice is given that this request for a Founder's Ruling is accepted, and therefore I shall review all the arguments related to this issue until I have sufficient evidence to rule on it.

Fornoire is hereby asked to produce a sample of the Fornirian Language, so that I can evaluate it and determine if it belongs in the Western Continent, and what mitigating measures can be taken, should it not belong there.

Justinian Kalominos
[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Justinian Kalominos
Emperor of Selene, Duke of Byzantium

If you have questions about the region, our regional roleplay, government or how to get involved, feel free to send me a message!


I may provide a sentence with the words provided, and further explain His Majesty regarding this language.

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