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Roleplay Interest Survey Results

[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Roleplay Interest Survey Results
Empire of Selene

A few months ago we asked our members to answer the Roleplay Interest Survey, a questionnaire that asked about their interests in terms of tech levels and types of roleplays. The idea was to know more about what kind of roleplaying you want to see in the region, so that what we do are roleplays that you can enjoy. It has taken a few months for us to take another look at this, but we finally have the results of the Survey, and wish to present them for a discussion among our community.

It goes without saying that, if you weren't here when the Survey was first conducted, you are more than welcome to answer it now by going here. Your answers will be quickly incorporated.

Tech Levels

[Image: MDb9lnL.png]

Results show that most respondents are comfortable with Modern Tech roleplays, but a majority also would like to see Past Tech roleplays, and nearly half have an interest in Future Tech. Since MT is our canon, there would be no issues with that field. Things are more interesting and complex when it comes to promoting roleplays of different tech levels; it would be possible to promote canon roleplays in Past Tech, or promote FT roleplays in The Dardanelles. It would depend (1) on interest levels and (2) how dedicated the community would be to following through with those roleplays.

Of course, given our current relative inactivity, there is an argument to be made about focusing on keeping stable activity in MT before branching out to other tech levels, but that would depend on what kind of interest there is. Perhaps branching out would lead to more activity, rather than divert from it.

Roleplay Types

[Image: AGmba6D.png]

A majority of respondents are, at worst, indifferent to all types of roleplay suggested in the Survey. There are four types of roleplay, all related to internal national events or peaceful cooperation, that respondents answered they either Like or Strongly Like. Nation Building has the highest likeability average, at 4.6, so there lies the most potential for member engagement.

There are two points to consider about this. On the one hand, nation building is important in order to have a consistent and well-developed world, and also so each member can figure out what place it has in the world. We simply can't roleplay with others if we don't know what kind of country each of us have. Are we friends? Are we enemies? Do we have valuable resources? Are we monarchies or dictatorships? There are many questions that need to be answered.

On the other hand, focusing too much just on nation building risks prolonging our current inactivity, where we focus on off-forum nation building and Flash News posts, without actually creating stories or interacting with each other. These results also show us that there is potential for cooperation. Plenty of respondents have a liking for space exploration roleplays, civil wars and government visits. In addition, while other types of roleplay are in the minority, there are still players who like them, and we need to listen to them.

There are some ways in which we can motivate people to get involved. For one, we can integrate nation building into story creation. For example, if we have a nation building theme of the week or month, we can try all try to commit to incorporate that theme into actual, non-Flash News, roleplays during that month. If we have developed lists of our main industries, we can commit to roleplay about trade deals, industrial crises or product exchanges. If we develop the history of our Antarctic treaties, we could do a Past Tech roleplay that shows the early exploration of the Antarctic continent. Another idea we could incorporate is to allow each member to decide a roleplay type or theme of the month, provided that it has broad agreement from the community, and to each promise to roleplay that. I understand that some of us have preferences, but unless we absolutely hate a kind of roleplay, I believe we can make small concessions in order to make the region a more active and fun place.

For now, I would like to hear from all our members. You must have some opinion about the results of the Survey, or some thoughts about what kind of roleplays you would like to see. Right now it doesn't matter how unlikely you think it is that we will do your preferred roleplay. The idea is to know what ideas are out there, so we can figure out what has more acceptance, what could be workable, and what we should do moving forward.

Justinian Kalominos
Founder of Selene
[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Justinian Kalominos
Emperor of Selene, Duke of Byzantium

If you have questions about the region, our regional roleplay, government or how to get involved, feel free to send me a message!

To be fairly honest, i actually dislike modern or near modern roleplays. I feel more at home in fantasy/middle ages/ancient roleplays as to me, those give more more creative opportunity. A big aspect of what I like about certain roleplays is the World Building and Characters that come out of it. In modern settings, at least to me, I feel restricted. I don't necessarily know in what ways I feel restricted, but all the same, I feel that my options for creating my nation and characters are less than I would in other settings. Maybe it is the closeness of the setting to the real world is w hat makes me feel restricted. In the end, I feel that I excel at creating worlds within a setting that is not close to our modern world.
For Muffins

Do you think it would make sense to do this survey again?

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